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The “2019 Chinese New Year Giveaway” has ended.
Wow~! Our staff have received over 5000 entries during the past week. Winners will be announced very soon.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in this giveaway event. We hope you all enjoyed the questions!!

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Chinese New Year Giveaway – 新年送大礼!

On February 5, 2019, we’ll be welcoming the year of the Pig!

Like previous years, Jackie will be giving away “lai si” (the Chinese tradition of lucky red pockets) to celebrate this festive time! This year, he’ll be giving away 200 lucky pockets.

Jackie wholeheartedly appreciates the unconditional love and support that he receives from fans all over the world. Without YOU (his loving fans), Jackie wouldn’t be where he is today.

Giving red pockets during the Lunar New Year is to give good luck, good health, and happiness to the younger generation. And Jackie hopes to give this to you too!

If you’d like a chance to win 1 of 200 lucky red pockets, we’ve got another fun quiz for you to participate. Below are 10 multiple choice questions; each question has 5 possible answers for you to choose. (So even if you don’t know the answer, you still have a 20% chance of guessing the right one.) Are you ready? Let’s see how well you know Jackie Chan!

The first correct 200 answers will receive a JC lucky red packet.

How to enter:

Create a new email and in the subject line write: 2019 CNY Giveaway

  1. Write down your matching answers, for example:
    1 – A
    2 – B
    3 – C…
  2. Also write down your details:
    Email Address:
    Country of Residence:
  3. Send your email to: [lucky draw has ended]

It’s that simple!

The first 200 correct answers will receive a lucky red packet.

The competition ends on Monday February 11, 2019, and winners will be announced on Wednesday February 13, 2019.

Just like our previous giveaways, lucky winners will be notified by email so make sure your email address is correct and working! An announcement will also be made on Jackie’s Official Website and Facebook page. Test your knowledge and see how well you know Jackie Chan. Be quick and start emailing your answers today!

Only one entry per person will be accepted. Multiple entries from the same person will automatically be eliminated. The JC Group reserves the right to the final decision on the giveaway competition.



又到农历新年了! 为了迎接2019年的猪年, 成龙大哥又准备了200封红包送给粉丝们!

成龙大哥非常感激所有充满热情而有爱心的粉丝们对他的无限支持及爱护. 他也经常提到没有你们 (世界各地的粉丝们) 就没有今天的成龙。

中国的传统新年, 长辈会派红包给晚辈是寓意把新一年的祝福和好运带给他们, 因此成龙大哥也想把这个习俗跟大家一起分享! 以答谢粉丝们对他的支持和鼓励。

大家想有机会成为其中一位幸运儿获得红包吗? 很简单!  一起来玩个游戏吧!

以下有10个关于成龙大哥的题目, 每个题目有5个答案可以选择。即使不知道答案, 还有五分一机会猜中啊!


1) 在电子邮件主题填写:  2019 – 新年送大礼

2) 写下您的答案, 如:


3) 也记住写下您的:


4) 电邮发往: 【新年送大礼 – 已完满结束了!】

答对的幸运儿将以电邮通知,所以请大家确保您的电邮地址是在操作中. 没有回复的电邮会被作废!  这次游戏于2019年2月11日截止。得奖名单将于2019年02月13日在此官网公布。请密切留意!

注意: 每人只可发送答案一次。如有发现多次参与, 将被自动作废。 JC Group 拥有最终决定权。


Here we go……

Question 1:

What movie is this shot from?

A.     Chinese Zodiac (CZ12)

B.     The Foreigner

C.     Police Story 2013

D.    Kung Fu Yoga

E.     Bleeding Steel


Question 2:

Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and which other Seven Little Fortunes member starred in ‘Wheels on Meals’?
除了成龙及洪金宝之外, 还有那位七小福成员也演出‘快餐车’?

A.     Yuen Kwai

B.     Yuen Biao

C.     Yuen Wah

D.    Yuen Qiu

E.     Yuen Tak


Question 3:

In ‘Little Big Soldier’, Jackie was the Big Soldier. Who played the little general?
在‘大兵小将’里面, 成龙大哥扮演了大兵一角。  谁扮演戏里面的小将?

A.     Steve Yoo

B.     Aarif Rahman

C.     Leehom Wang

D.    Ringo Yu

E.     Michael Wong


Question 4:

In 2015, Jackie released the Chinese version of his book. And recently, the English version was finally released.
What is the name of his book?
2015年出了中文版自传;最近2018年也出了英文版. 这本书的名字是什么?

A.     Who Am I?

B.     I am Jackie Chan

C.     I’m Still Jackie Chan

D.    Still Growing Up

E.     Never Grow Up


Question 5:

Where was the 4th Annual International Jackie Chan Action Movie Week held in 2018?

A.     Datong, Shanxi
大同, 山西

B.     Shanghai

C.     Beijing

D.    Bangbu, Anhui
蚌埠, 安徽

E.     Hong Kong


Question 6:

Which movie was released in 1999?

A. Tuxedo
B. City Hunter
C. Karate Kid
D. Gorgeous
E. The Myth


Question 7:

Jackie released an album this year, dedicated to his friends, family, JC stunt team, parents.
What is the name of the album?
大哥最近推出了新的国语专辑, 献给他的兄弟, 儿子, 父亲, 爱人, 朋友们.  这张新专辑叫什么名字?

A.     Country

B.     Truly, With All My Heart

C.    Never Grow Up

D.    I’m Still Jackie Chan

E.    Jackie Chan Greatest Hits


Question 8:

Which actor hasn’t worked with Jackie in a movie yet?


A. Nicholas Tse
B. Louis Koo
C. Tony Leung
D. Andy Lau
E. Aaron Kwok



Question 9:

Do you recognize which movie this stunt scene this is from?

A.   Police Story

B.     Crime Story

C.     Project A
A 计划

D.    Armour of God

E.     Thunderbolt


Question 10:

What are the names of Jackie’s loyal furry friends?

A.     Ding Ding & Dong Dong

B.      JJ & Jones

C.     Lay & Zy

D.    Bing Bing & Bingo

E.     Zhi Zhi & Ja Ja



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The English version of my memoir, Never Grow Up, is available now! You can purchase yours today from this site: http://jackiechanbook.com/

Don’t miss out! Get your copy today!

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Today, on World Animal Day, we celebrate the world’s most endangered animals. Check out BBCEarth for the first look on their latest natural history show, Dynasties, which follows the true stories of five of the world’s most iconic and endangered animal families!

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As the official organizer for the “4th Annual International Jackie Chan Action Movie Week” event (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”), we are aware of the recent misleading and untrue information that has been circulating and would like to make an official clarification as follows:

Recently, a particular “Taobao” user has been making offers on their site, claiming they can give customers access into the Event’s opening and closing ceremonies, give them access to walk the red carpet after paying a fee to staff members at the Event, and allowing them to take photos and obtain autographs with performing guests. This offer was announced with the unauthorized use of the Event’s opening ceremony poster as the background.

The security team for this particular Event have been very organized and security measures has been strict. Every guest and participant who have been invited to take part in the Event are carefully screened and verified before being allowed to enter the venue. Under no circumstances are people such as those described above allowed to enter the venue after paying a fee to staff members or gain backstage access to interact with performing guests. The false information as described above has not only damaged the reputation of the Event, event organizers, hosts, sponsors and presenters, it has also negatively impacted Mr. Jackie Chan’s image and reputation. The source has consciously provided fake information with the intent to obtain money by fraud. We ask all participants at the Event to be alert and vigilant, and don’t fall for such claims.

We hereby would like to clarify and officially announce the following points:

  1. Only members with a valid official Event pass may enter the venue. No other methods are acceptable and there are no exceptions. The description mentioned on “Taobao” stating you can enter by showing a message (or other similar messages) are false;
  2. We have reported the above false information to legal authorities and made complaints to relevant departments;
  3. We will fully co-ordinate with legal authorities and relevant departments with the investigation of the alleged false information and the unlawful misleading perception given to the public;
  4. We stand firm in protecting the rights and interests of Mr. Jackie Chan and organizers of the Event, and we reserve the right to take necessary legal action for the damages or loss caused by the false information.


J & JJ International Limited

(July 19, 2018)



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Official Announcement:

In recent light of a particular online platform which has been selling unauthorised tickets to the “4th Annual Jackie Chan Action Movie Week 2018” opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and other related events, the JC Group would like to remind fans all over the world and members of the audience: please use legal methods to purchase tickets to any of our events. Please do not buy tickets from scalpers or believe online fictitious offers such as “event workers will take you in” or “guaranteed photo” or “guaranteed autograph”. This year, event organisers for the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week are taking security measures very seriously and have zero tolerance towards anyone who attempts to disrupt the smooth operation of events.



Text and Photos © 2018 The JC Group
All Rights Reserved

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The English version of Jackie Chan’s memoir, ‘Never Grow Up”, will be released in November this year. The candid account includes everything from his youth with the China Drama Academy to his numerous near-death experiences on and off the camera. Jackie also writes about making movies in Hong Kong and Hollywood and of his imperfections as a family man.

(credit – Gallery Books)

Text and Photos ©2018 The JC Group
All Rights Reserved

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It has come to our attention of the many impersonating accounts on the mobile app, Weixin (WeChat), using Mr. Jackie Chan’s name (Cheng Long –  成龙 ) to register Weixin (WeChat) accounts. As the representative company of Mr. Jackie Chan, we would like to make the following official announcement on behalf of Jackie Chan:


Recently, our company staff have discovered many impersonating Weixin (WeChat) accounts registered using Mr. Jackie Chan’s Chinese and English names: “成龙”, “Jackie Chan”; and accounts using Mr. Jackie Chan’s image, biography information, profile pictures and nickname misleading the public to think it is Jackie Chan. On behalf of Mr. Jackie Chan, we would like to officially announce that Mr. Jackie Chan does not have a personal Weixin (WeChat) account and has not given permission to any third person/party to hold an account on his behalf. Any Wexin (WeChat) account registered using “Jackie Chan’, “成龙”, or any account information that may mislead people to think the account is in anyway related to Mr. Jackie Chan, including the use of Mr. Jackie Chan’s image, biography, profile picture and/or nickname, is a fraudulent account and is falsely impersonating Mr. Jackie Chan. Any information or content posted by the impersonators are in no way related to Mr. Jackie Chan himself.

The Wexin (WeChat) account users who have registered using Mr. Jackie Chan’s name and/or information impersonating Mr. Jackie Chan has unlawfully breached the use of his image and information. And the content posted by these impersonators are false and misleading, causing negative impact on Mr. Jackie Chan’s image to the public, violating Mr. Jackie Chan’s intellectual property rights. In order to defend Mr. Jackie Chan’s legal rights, we will act on behalf of Mr. Jackie Chan and request Wexin’s (WeChat) Customer Service Department to promptly address the issue and cancel the impersonating accounts. We reserve the right to take necessary legal action for the defamation, unlawful impersonation, and pursue compensation for any losses caused by the fake account.

J & JJ International Limited.


6 June, 2018


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Our company would like to make an official clarification regarding a fake Weixin (WeChat) account impersonating our artist, Mr. Jackie Chan.

As the sole management company representing Mr. Jackie Chan (the artist), we are fully in charge of registering all his online social media accounts. Recently, our staff has revealed a fake Weixin (WeChat) account claiming to Jackie Chan. The impersonator is using the Weixin ID (WeChat ID) of “clwx18198”, the nickname of “Jackie Chan龙哥”, Jackie Chan’s photo has the profile picture, copying Jackie Chan’s biography in the user profile, claiming to be from “成龙工作室” (Chen Long Gong Zuo Shi) in the personal status, and is using the account to post/reply to others as Jackie Chan. We would like to announce that this is a fraudulent account impersonating Mr. Jackie Chan, and all content posted by this account is not in any way related to Mr. Jackie Chan.

We hereby officially declare that the Weixin (WeChat) account registered under the Weixin ID (WeChat ID) of “clwx18198”, using the nickname of “Jackie Chan龙哥”, is a fraudulent account impersonating Jackie Chan, and all content posted by this account is not in any way related to or representative of Mr. Jackie Chan. The user is falsely using Jackie Chan’s name, unlawfully impersonating Jackie Chan, breaching the use of Jackie Chan’s image and photos, and posting unofficial and deceptive information related to Jackie Chan. The false statements, posts and replies from this account is misleading the public and causing negative feedback affecting Jackie Chan’s image. As the representing company for Jackie Chan, we have the right to request Weixin’s (WeChat) Customer Service Department to promptly address the issue and close or lock the impersonating account for the infringement. We reserve the right to take necessary legal action for the defamation, unlawful impersonation, and pursue compensation for any losses caused by the fake account.

J & JJ International Limited.
17 April, 2018




本公司作为成龙先生的独家经纪公司,全权代理成龙先生注册和使用互联网用户账号。近日,本公司工作人员发现,微信号为“clwx18198”的机构或个人冒用、关联成龙先生的英文名“Jackie Chan”注册微信账号名称,并使用成龙先生的形象和简介作为该账号的头像及个性签名。对此,本公司代表成龙先生郑重声明,账号名称为“Jackie Chan龙哥”、账号头像为成龙先生形象、个性签名为“成龙工作室”的微信账号系他人冒用成龙先生的名义注册,该微信账号及发布的内容与成龙先生没有任何关系。



J & JJ International Limited.