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Recently, my staff told be about the news that’s been circulating around the world, saying that I’ve been placed under quarantine for COVID-19.

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for everybody’s concern! I’m very healthy and safe, and haven’t been quarantined. I’ve received many messages from friends asking if I’m ok. Your love and concern is so heartwarming. Thank you!

I’ve also received some very special gifts from fans all over the world during this very difficult time. Thank you for the face masks. Your thoughtfulness is well received! And I’ve asked my lovely staff to donate your kindness through official organisations to those who need it most.


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Once again, a big “congratulations” to the lucky contestants who correctly answered the Chinese New Year Quiz.
All lucky fans have been contacted via email and your gift is on the way!

A huge “thank you” to all of Jackie’s fans from all over the world who took part in this quiz. Hope you had a little fun and enjoyed the questions. Keep your eyes posted on the Official Website for more opportunities for a free gift!

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Congratulations to the following fans who correctly answered the Chinese New Year Quiz!

You will receive an email from one of our staff soon! Please remember to keep an eye out for the email and follow the instructions on how to receive your prize.


We hope everyone enjoyed the quiz! Thank you for participating, and we hope everyone stays safe and healthy!


(names are in no particular order)


Frank Schunemann 张微
Douglas Santa Clara de Paula 叶欢
章念瑜 李三岁
Eunice Giroto 付琳
林建雯 霍艳茹
宋红 JackieLove
段冰冰 木兰
郭振东 张明月
Valeria Nizamova Farid Jaforov
Benjamin Galea Andrey Byrdeynyi
Nataliia Anikanova Martha Ingalls Cruz
Jiachen Peng Marcelo Soares Abreu Lopez
Fancisca Hernandez Christie Yan
Antonio Ramirez Santandreu 冀雨晨
Liubov Selenskaya 裴莹莹
Smirnov Maksim 张晶
Musico Michele 裴景全
Diane Nguyen 裴冠铭
Gurgen Adamyan Quan Tran
Elena Yana Sidorova
Anastasia Korneeva Selena Li
吴荣有 胡伟
徐丽 赵新宇
史传林 圆大薇
Alexandr Smirnov 叶子豪
Oliver Michel 秋儿
Benjamin Coster Matthew Foster
Tchimita Dorjieva Yvonne Yeung
瑶瑶 Lee Ying Wai
赵翔 Akiko Kume
温星宇 郭宝
高疆 魏珊珊
Handriatan Utama 王平
Lipeng Shu 辰是天上星
Andy Ben Lewis
Evan Zhu Breno Salles Oliveira
Anton Matijevic Predrag Djordjvic
Anzhela Khochueva KUN Jean Baptste
Steveni Winata
郭虹 周英奇
徐曌年 旷驰
宋旖旎 钱少庄
陶瀚 曹阳
Emanuel Mira Mestre 汪大可
Anna Shulakova 赵旭洁
Lena Belyava 小贝
Antonio Rodrigues do Nascimento Junior Constantinos Roussou
Lexandra Loaiza Jordan Yee
Anna Trunova 王清云
Arda Yilmaz 于淑华
Susan Sanders Eylul Zararsiz
Sergei Mavrin Feti Zararsiz
Aftab Khan Roselo Bularon
Riku Luukkonen Nelson Ang
Aniket Chharbra 李华强
小米 李新宇
静恩 穆丽萍
黄山 李凤华
贺晓翠 康俊龙
Alan Vichidvongsa 江珊
Anastasiia Beskrovnaia 曹桂花
Laura Zhao Sikander Ali
Michael Pereira Michelle Asinobi
Patryk Halat 张震
Romans Kononovs 常航
Jitka Jarolimkova 尹子晨
Min Ru Lin 费本凤
王港 Friso Poldervaart
栾金亮 Casey Jacob Gomez
曾勇杰 Nikola Slavkov
Jackie Xin 张景翠
Van Anh Thi Trinh 童国庆
Yofranny Winardi 涂雅欣
Tiara Sungkar 郭娟
Eric Brian Gomez Joohi Dubey
Nitin Jituri Julius Febriandy
Eliz Tekin Eduardo Ramirez Prats
Firinchi Kumar Saikia Kirill Selenski
Shayla Gramajo Faysal Taj
于俊华 Ildiko Kissimon
邱素芳 张莉
张越奇 范健雄
郭慧 郭华
Ian Emmanuel M. Enanoria 柴淑敏
Melis Tekin Tiffany Xu
Rikki Correa 谢粤
Arsen Madinov 廖宇飞
Joanna Virador 帅戈
Jonathan Lam Christian Stephan Josue
Ryabchun Sergey 陈家冰
Maria Tian Derek Tsui
Ryan Harvey 刘绍
Jerry Chan Nataliia
康蒙 Ricardo Antonio Stank
王香丽 Tondano Kuelapis
高冠华 Nicola Niessen
李凡 Alex Huynh
Jordan Brooks Aleksandr Shulakov
Anel Kozhabergenova Andrei zelenskii
Jullien Frederic Raeann Boynton


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The 2020 Chinese New Year Giveaway has officially ended! A big “thank you” to all the fans who participated and sent in your answers. Maybe the quiz was too easy for Jackie’s fans ~ Our team were overwhelmed with the response! We hope you enjoyed the fun quiz.

Here are the answers for your reference. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 07, 2020.



What movie is this picture from?



———- ———-


Who was Jackie’s trusty sidekick in Rob-B-Hood?
在 “寶貝計畫” 裡面, 那個演員是 ‘拖鞋’ (成龍大哥) 的好拍檔?


Louis Koo


———- ———-


What is the name of this song?


Wu Shi Ren Fei


———- ———-



In Jackie’s memoir “Never Grow Up”, Jackie mentions that he 5 cats in the office. What is the name of his favourite cat?
在大哥的自傳 ‘還未長大就老了’裡面,他提及過公司養了5隻貓貓. 大哥最喜歡的貓貓叫什麼名字?



(In Jackie’s Memoir “Never Grow Up”, Jackie sats: “My two house cats are Dingding and Dangdang…. Of my five office cats, Blackie is my favourite.”
大哥的自傳 ‘還未長大就老了’ 说: “我家里有两只猫, 一只叫叮叮, 一只叫当当…公司的5只猫里有4只怕我, 只有一只叫小黑完全不怕…我觉得这只小猫很有种”

———- ———-



What movie is this scene from?

Accidental Spy

———- ———-



Of the 4 selections below, which is Jackie’s most enjoyed dessert?
以下4款甜品中, 成龍大哥最喜歡吃是那一款?

Ice Cream


(Jackie likes all desserts! But out of the 4 choices, he likes ice cream the most! 成龙大哥对甜品都喜欢, 但4个选择里面最喜欢是雪糕!)

———- ———-



What movie is this scene from?


———- ———-



Which movie ending theme song is this music from?

The Foreigner

———- ———-



Which animated film did Jackie do a voice over for?

Kung Fu Panda 3

———- ———-



Who was the female lead actress in Jackie’s film, “Police Story 2”?
‘警察故事續集’ 的女主角是誰?

Maggie Cheung

———- ———-