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We’ve already sent out emails to the 100 lucky winners to the “Chinese New Year Giveaway” competition. Most of you have responded (thank you!) and prizes will be sent out over the next couple of days. You’ll receive another email with your unique tracking number when your prize is sent out.

However, we’re still waiting for a few winners to give us their details so we can send out your prize. Our team has sent out “reminder” emails, but if we don’t receive a response by the end of this coming Monday (February 13, 2017), we’ll consider your entry as disqualified! Therefore, dearest winners, please remember to check your email!

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~* Gong Xi Fa Cai! *~

A big “thank you” to all the fans who participated in this fun little quiz! (Next time we’ll remember to give you some hints.) Our team were totally overwhelmed by the many emails that came through. And Jackie was pleasantly surprised by the large number of correct (and incorrect answers) and was impressed that his fans know him quite well.

恭喜发财! 祝大家 身体健康, 学业进步, 事事如意, 雞年快乐! 谢谢各位粉丝们参与这次《新年送大礼》. 我们收到很多很多来自世界各地的电邮. 故工作人员用多了少少时间来处理最先答对的100名幸运儿。

透过这个游戏, 成龙大哥看到许多粉丝们对他非常熟悉, 他也感到很欣慰!


Here are the answers:
想知道自己有没有答? 请看看以下正确答案吧!


What is Jackie Chan’s birth name?



A. Chan Yuen Long 陳元龍

B. Yuen Lou 元樓

C. Chan Kong Sang 陳港生 *

D. Fong Shi Long 房仕龍

  Jackie Chan’s birth name is: C. Chan Kong Sang.

While he was in the China Drama Academy, he was given the name Yuen Lou. Later, he discovered from his father that his ancestral name was Fong Shi Long. One of his stage names at a very early age was Chan Yuen Long.

原名陳港生, 學習京劇與功夫,組成七小福戲班演出,藝名元樓, 又名陳元龍, 2013年8月31日,成龍回到安徽蕪湖沈巷镇,認祖歸宗,改名房仕龍.


2 Which actor has not filmed with Jackie before?


A. Tony Leung Chiu Wai 粱潮偉(Gorgeous)

B. Oliver Platt 奥利弗·普莱特


C. Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武 *


D. Michael Wong Man Tak 王敏德

(City Hunter, Skiptrace)

  A. Tony Leung Chiu Wai 粱潮偉 (Gorgeous 玻璃樽)
B. Oliver Platt 奥利弗·普莱特 (CZ12 十二生肖)
C. Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武
D. Michael Wong Man Tak 王敏德 (City Hunter城市獵人; Skiptrace 絕地逃亡)


When did the JC Stunt Team officially establish?


A. 1976 *

B. 1979

C. 1983

D. 1995

  2016 marked the 40th anniversary of the JC Stunt Team




What are the names of Jackie’s two golden retrievers?


A. TJ & Tony

B. JJ & Jones *

C. Bing Bing & Bingo

D. Tom & Jerry


In 1993, Jackie won the Best Actor Award for which movie?

成龍於1993年, 憑著那部電影獲得最佳男主角?

A. Crime Story 重案組 *

B. Police Story 3: Supercop 警察故事III超級警察

C. City Hunter 城市獵人

D. Drunken Master II 醉拳II

  Jackie Chan won the Best Actor Award in 1993 for Crime Story at the Golden Horse Awards. He also won Best Actor in 1992 for Police Story 3: Supercop. City Hunter and Drunken Master II have not been nominated in any film awards.

成龍於1993年憑重案組獲得金馬獎最佳男主角. 他也在1992年因警察故事III超級警察獲得金馬獎最佳男主角. 城市獵人及醉拳II 沒有提名.



Can you guess who is Jackie?


A *      B        C       D


A. Jackie Chan 元樓(成龍)
B. Yuen Wah 元華
C. Yuen Kui 元奎
D. Yuen Biao 元彪

What was the name of Jackie’s character in the movie:


在電影“寶貝計劃”裡面, 成龍演繹的角色名是…?

A. Jack 傑克

B. Steelhead 鐵頭

C. Thongs 拖鞋 *

D. Chan Ka Kui 陳家駒

  A. Jack 傑克  (The Myth 神話)

B. Steelhead 鐵頭 (Shinjuku Incident 新縮事件)

C. Thongs 拖鞋 *

D. Chan Ka Kui 陳家駒 (Police Story 警察故事 系列)



Which movie does this theme song belong to?



B. Rumble in the Bronx 紅番區


A. B.



In the film “Wheels on Meals” starring Jackie, Sammo and Yuen Biao, who was the main female actress?

由成龍, 洪金寶及元彪主演的”快餐車”裡面, 飾演女主角的藝人是…

A. Lola Forner 劳拉·福纳 *

B. Maggie Cheung 張曼玉

C. Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊

D. Moon Lee 李賽鳳

  A. Lola Forner 劳拉·福纳 *

B. Maggie Cheung 張曼玉 (Police Story II 警察故事II)

C. Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊 (Police Story III 警察故事III)

D. Moon Lee 李賽鳳 (The Protector 威龍猛探)


What is Jackie’s favourite dessert?



A. Mango Pudding


B. Crème Brǔlée


C. Dried Bean Curd, Gingko Nuts, Boiled Egg Dessert


D. Red Bean/Green Bean Soup *


  Jackie’s favourite dessert is red bean/green bean soup.



Here are the lucky winners (in no particular order):
Winners will receive an email very soon so if you see your name in the list below, please remember to check your email over the next couple of days for further details on how to receive your “lai si” from Jackie Chan.

以下是首100名答对的幸运儿 (排名不分先后)。
如果看到您的名字, 请密切留意您的电邮信箱, 工作人员将会在这几天内以电邮方式通知你们.

Anastasia Korneeva Russia 郭娟 China
Elena Beliaeva Russia 常东晓 China
Yana Sidorova Russia 郭金义 China
Anastasiya Haritonova Belarus 于峰 China
Anna Lipkina Russia 肖志铎 China
Sergey Sorokin Belarus Summer China
Elena Arsentyeva Russia 柯阳 China
李白 China 赵红心 China
张宝宏 China 张梦婷 China
妙可 China 韩洋 China
王鹏 China 阮莹珠 China
叶欢 China Lozova Alena Russia
杀手微冷 China Olena Mishyan Ukraine
张明月 China 刘正业 China
范健雄 China 聂海燕 China
郭虹 China Sharaz Butt England
Antonio Ramírez Santandreu Spain 赵龙 Mongolia
郭振东 China 黄雪翼 China
邓志淼 China Andrey Nikiforov Russia
李加森 China 吴洪俊 China
崔丽丽 China 严旗宾 China
Smirnov Aleksandr Russia 温德斯 China
张自立 China Babaeva Irina Russia
申静 China Colin Zhou UK
宋明 China 杜鹏 China
简国光 China Ngo Hai Mi Germany
封思倩 China 阎强 China
崔琴 China 张倪 China
宋娟莉 China Gorbachov Nikolay Aleksandrovich Russia
郑岩 China Steveni Winata Indonesia
曹新杰 China Feby Y Indonesia
Jessica China 陈宇聪 China
Siarhei Bialtsou Belarus Petr Gregor Czech Republic
Alexander Dodonov Russia 郑康琴 China
李凡 China Junko Higashino Japan
Alena Bialtsova Belarus Karen See Siew Yen Malaysia
张晨阳 China Kristen Senior Canada
梁永巧 China Thanh Quach USA
Valeriia Berezhnova Russia 寒冬 China
老妖 China 王堃 China
Alla Koptelova Russia K. Richi Kumar India
李小四 China 刘佳伊 China
尹贺煜 China Ryan Harvey UK
钟建群 China Shital Parab India
巩佳馨 China Jake Esner USA
Roman Zhigunov Russia 平野拓也(TAKUYA HIRANO) Japan
谢金言 China Kristen Chen USA
Erop Russia Eyüp Gündoğdu Germany
周强强 China Souyi Ma USA
Rose Cooper South Africa 越川 聡介 Japan


5 lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive the special limited edition Kung Fu Yoga vest.

©2017 The JC Group

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A big big thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Chinese New Year Giveaway! The quizz has now ended and our staff are working hard with checking the answers.

We hope you all had fun with the quizz! Official answers and winners will be announced on Monday February 06, 2017.