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As the official organizer for the “4th Annual International Jackie Chan Action Movie Week” event (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”), we are aware of the recent misleading and untrue information that has been circulating and would like to make an official clarification as follows:

Recently, a particular “Taobao” user has been making offers on their site, claiming they can give customers access into the Event’s opening and closing ceremonies, give them access to walk the red carpet after paying a fee to staff members at the Event, and allowing them to take photos and obtain autographs with performing guests. This offer was announced with the unauthorized use of the Event’s opening ceremony poster as the background.

The security team for this particular Event have been very organized and security measures has been strict. Every guest and participant who have been invited to take part in the Event are carefully screened and verified before being allowed to enter the venue. Under no circumstances are people such as those described above allowed to enter the venue after paying a fee to staff members or gain backstage access to interact with performing guests. The false information as described above has not only damaged the reputation of the Event, event organizers, hosts, sponsors and presenters, it has also negatively impacted Mr. Jackie Chan’s image and reputation. The source has consciously provided fake information with the intent to obtain money by fraud. We ask all participants at the Event to be alert and vigilant, and don’t fall for such claims.

We hereby would like to clarify and officially announce the following points:

  1. Only members with a valid official Event pass may enter the venue. No other methods are acceptable and there are no exceptions. The description mentioned on “Taobao” stating you can enter by showing a message (or other similar messages) are false;
  2. We have reported the above false information to legal authorities and made complaints to relevant departments;
  3. We will fully co-ordinate with legal authorities and relevant departments with the investigation of the alleged false information and the unlawful misleading perception given to the public;
  4. We stand firm in protecting the rights and interests of Mr. Jackie Chan and organizers of the Event, and we reserve the right to take necessary legal action for the damages or loss caused by the false information.


J & JJ International Limited

(July 19, 2018)



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Official Announcement:

In recent light of a particular online platform which has been selling unauthorised tickets to the “4th Annual Jackie Chan Action Movie Week 2018” opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and other related events, the JC Group would like to remind fans all over the world and members of the audience: please use legal methods to purchase tickets to any of our events. Please do not buy tickets from scalpers or believe online fictitious offers such as “event workers will take you in” or “guaranteed photo” or “guaranteed autograph”. This year, event organisers for the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week are taking security measures very seriously and have zero tolerance towards anyone who attempts to disrupt the smooth operation of events.



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