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Next year is the year of the Rooster!

To celebrate this festive time, Jackie will be giving away 100 “lai si” – lucky red packets again!

Jackie is always grateful for the unconditional love and support that he receives from fans all over the world. Without YOU (his loving fans), Jackie wouldn’t be where he is today.

The tradition of giving red packets during the Lunar New Year is to give luck, prosperity and happiness to the younger generation and Jackie hopes to give this to you too! There are 100 red packets to give away, and because Jackie’s upcoming new movie, Kung Fu Yoga, will be released in China during the Lunar New Year, Jackie has 5 special Kung Fu Yoga vests that he’d like to give away as well.

Would you like a chance to win 1 of 100 lucky red packets (and possibly 1 of 5 Kung Fu Yoga vests)? We’ve got a fun general knowledge quiz for you to decipher, so let’s see how well you know Jackie Chan. Below are 10 multiple choice questions; beside them on the right are 4 possible answers to each question for you to choose. (So even if you don’t know the answer, you still have a 25% chance of guessing the right one.)

The first correct 100 answers will receive a JC lucky red packet. And then out of the first correct 100 recipients, Jackie and his staff will randomly select 5 lucky winners to receive the limited edition Kung Fu Yoga vest (size and color will be chosen at random)

How to enter:

  1. Create a new email and in the subject line write: 2017 CNY Giveaway
  2. Write down your matching answers, for example:
    1 – A
    2 – B
    3 – C…
  3. Also write down your details:
    Email Address:
    Country of Residence:
  4. Send your email to: **giveaway has ended**


It’s that simple!

The first 100 correct answers will receive a lucky red packet, and 5 winners will be randomly selected by Jackie and his team for the Kung Fu Yoga vest. The competition ends on February 01, 2017. Winners will be announced on February 06, 2017.

Just like our last giveaway, lucky winners will be notified by email and will also make an announcement on Jackie’s Facebook page and Official Website. Test your knowledge and see how well you know Jackie Chan. Be quick and start emailing your answers today!

Only one entry per person will be accepted. Multiple entries from the same person will automatically be eliminated. Size, color and style of the Kung Fu Yoga vests will be chosen at random. The JC Group reserves the right to the final decision on the giveaway competition.




又到农历新年了! 为了迎接鸡年, 成龙大哥准备了100封红包送给粉丝们!

成龙大哥经常提到粉丝们对他的无限支持及热情爱心. 没有你们 (世界各地的粉丝们) 就没有今天的成龙.

农历春节时, 长辈派红包给晚辈的传统, 表示长辈把新的一年的祝福和好运带给他们, 而成龙大哥也想跟大家一起分享! 为表答谢粉丝们对他的鼓励, 成龙大哥准备了100封红包送给100位幸运儿. 另外, 由于 《功夫瑜伽》 将会农历新年中国上映, 成龙大哥特别安排5件《功夫瑜伽》棉衣背心送给5位答对题目的幸运儿.

大家想有机会获得红包或《功夫瑜伽》棉衣背心吗? 很简单!  一起来玩个游戏吧!

以下有10个关于成龙大哥的题目, 每个题目的右边有4个答案可以选择。即使不知道答案, 还有四分一机会猜中!

首100名全答对的粉丝们可赢取红包一封。另外, 成龙大哥及他的员工们 会在幸运儿之中 任意挑选5位, 获得《功夫瑜伽》棉衣背心一件.


1) 在电子邮件主题填写:  2017 – 新年送大礼

2) 写下您的答案, 如: 1-A, 2-B, 3-C…..

3) 也记住写下您的: 名字, 电邮地址及现住国家

4) 电邮发往: **giveaway has ended**


注意: 每人只可发送答案一次。如有发现多次参与, 将被自动作废。 JC Group 拥有最终决定权。


Jackie Chan Quizz

How well do you know Jackie Chan?



What is Jackie Chan’s birth name?

成龍的真名字是什麼? 01 JC childhood

A. Chan Yuen Long 陳元龍

B. Yuen Lou 元樓

C. Chan Kong Sang 陳港生

D. Fong Shi Long 房仕龍


Which actor has not filmed with Jackie before?


02 tony leungA.
Tony Leung Chiu Wai 粱潮偉

02 oliver platt

Oliver Platt

02 takeshi kaneshiroC.
Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武

02 michael wongD.
Michael Wong Man Tak 王敏德


When did the JC Stunt Team officially establish?


03 jc stunts

A. 1976

B. 1979

C. 1983

D. 1995


What are the names of Jackie’s two golden retrievers?


04 dogs

A. TJ & Tony

B. JJ & Jones

C. Bing Bing & Bingo

D. Tom & Jerry


In 1993, Jackie won the Best Actor Award for which movie?

成龍於1993年, 憑著那部電影獲得最佳男主角?

05 golden horse statue

A. Crime Story 重案組

B. Police Story 3: Supercop 警察故事III超級警察

C. City Hunter 城市獵人

D. Drunken Master II 醉拳II


Can you guess who is Jackie?


06 guess-use

A.        B.        C.       D.

What was the name of Jackie’s character in the movie:


在電影“寶貝計劃”裡面, 成龍演繹的角色名是…?

07 rob-b-hood

A. Jack 傑克

B. Steelhead 鐵頭

C. Thongs 拖鞋

D. Chan Ka Kui 陳家駒


Which movie does this theme song belong to?`



08 police 4


08 rumble


08 spy


08 dm2



In the film “Wheels on Meals” starring Jackie, Sammo and Yuen Biao, who was the main female actress?

由成龍, 洪金寶及元彪主演的”快餐車”裡面,

09 wheels on meals

A. Lola Forner 劳拉·福纳

B. Maggie Cheung 張曼玉

C. Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊

D. Moon Lee 李賽鳳


What is Jackie’s favourite dessert?



10 dessert 04
Mango Pudding 芒果布丁

10 dessert 02

Crème Brǔlée

10 dessert 03
Dried Bean Curd, Gingko Nuts, Boiled Egg Dessert

10 dessert 01

Red Bean/Green Bean Soup


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Pipa Journey 琵琶行 

Railroad Tigers Promotional MV – Performed by Jackie Chan and Wei Yunxi

电影《铁道飞虎》终极推广曲 MV (成龙  魏允熙)