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        Official Announcement

During this difficult time that is affecting everyone around the world, it has come to light of many scammers and imitation social media accounts claiming to be Mr. Jackie Chan, contacting people privately, and asking for money.

Please be aware of these scammers and make sure you verify whoever is trying to contact you privately. Jackie Chan will NOT ask you for money.

We would like to remind ALL internet users to be vigilant and protect yourselves online. Here are Mr. Jackie Chan’s official social media accounts (below). Please remember to look for the “verified tick” (or the verified “v” in Weibo) for Jackie Chan’s official account:

Jackie Chan Official Website:


Jackie Chan Official Facebook Account:


Jackie Chan Official Instagram Account:


Jackie Chan Official Twitter Account:


Jackie Chan Official Weibo Account:


We hope Jackie’s fans take note of the above official accounts. All others are NOT Jackie Chan or, in any way, related to Jackie Chan.

We reserve the right to take legal action against the users for the defamation, impersonation, and unlawful use of Jackie Chan’s name or image to deceive others into thinking they are ‘Jackie Chan’.


The JC Group International.



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Hello my dearest fans! I’m very aware of the current situation and the severity of the virus that’s slowly spreading around the world. I hope all my friends and fans are taking all necessary safety measures in protecting yourselves and your family. Try not to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. And if you do go out, please remember to wear a face mask; remember to wash your hands frequently; and remember to clean and disinfect your home regularly as well. Protect yourself and protect the people around you. Every day, I see a lot of news circulating on the internet and I hope everyone will try to make your own judgements on what you read, try to verify the news before spreading what might not be true.

One way to help protect yourself and your family is: ‘Don’t make rumours; Don’t spread rumours’. I truly hope the coronavirus epidemic will end soon, and I wholeheartedly hope that everyone stays safe and healthy! Love you all!




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