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The JC Stunt Team was established in 1976, and has built a solid reputation for being safe, professional, and providing unique action choreography to the audience on the screen. Celebrating over 40 years of unprecedented team work and dedication to the movie industry, and spanning over several generations with members from all over the world, we’d like to make an appeal to anyone and everyone who may have crossed roads with a member of the JC Stunt Team. If you have any treasured media materials and/or information related to any member or generation of the JC Stunt Team, we’d like to hear from you! For example, if you have a treasured photo that you took with a JC Stunt Team member, or some rare newspaper/magazine clippings about the JC Stunt Team, please let us know by emailing us below:

  1. Please email us at: jcst@jackiechan.com
  2. In the email subject write “JC Stunt Team”
  3. Include your name and email address
  4. Email us any information, media, photos, clippings about any JC Stunt Team member.

Your valued information could earn you a special gift in return.

(Note: we thank you in advance but please don’t send us any information that’s already available on the internet. Thank You!)


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