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Dates have finally been confirmed by event organisers for the “2019 Jackie Chan International Fan Club Gathering and Tour of Datong Action Film Week“!  And the lucky draw for fans to attend the fan club tour is currently underway. Over the next few weeks, our team will be emailing the lucky fans who have been drawn from the lucky draw to attend. Please keep an eye out in your email account. We will announce when all the lucky spots have been drawn. (Details on how to respond will be written in the email. And only the lucky fans who receive the invitation email will be allowed to attend the fan club party. Registered names will be checked alongside the name in your passport so please ensure you provide your correct name and details).


As mentioned in our initial announcement, event organisers can only allow person 18 years and over to attend the fan club party. They are very strict with this rule. Considering the safety and concerns of such a large scale event, “18 years old” is the legal age where a person can act independently without the need for a parent to be present. Names will be cross-checked upon arrival into China (like in 2014), and event organisers will not allow any person whose name is not on the official tour list to join the fan club tour. Thank you for your understanding.


好消息!动作电影周的组委会终于确定了“2019成龙国际影迷会及成龙国际动作电影周–大同之旅”的日子。由于收到的报名人数太多,并且參與名额有限,所以需要进行抽奖形式来抽出今次有机会参与的辛运儿。 大家请记得查看您的电邮箱。参与名额填满后将会公布在官方网站。只有收到邀请函的辛运儿才有资格参与这次的影迷会活动 (名额不能转让。如果被抽中而不能出席,即为自动弃权而大会将会再抽一名幸运儿参与)。



报到此活动时, 旅行社的工作人员会严格核对名单,不在名单上的影迷不能参与此活动。谢谢大家合作。


Just out of interest, here is a little bit of information about Datong, Shanxi China.

Datong is a prefecture-level city in northern Shanxi Province, located 350km west of Beijing, approximately 4-5 hours drive by car.

Well known for its abundant historical relics and natural beauty, Datong is one of the 24 famous historical sites within China. There are many ancient buildings, monuments, temples, monasteries and statues dating back to the Liao (907AD) and Jin (266AD) periods.


Datong is not a big city like Beijing or Shanghai and the area is still under development. Their living lifestyle is quite basic and simple. Jackie even visited some impoverished areas during the Action Film Week in 2018 – https://bit.ly/2HCIeid.


Datong’s primary economic activity is the mining of coal, hence nickname ‘the city of coal’.  It is also is a city of culture with notable sights including the Yungang Grottoes, Hanging temples, Huayan Monastery and Shanhua Temple.


Yungang Grottoes

Hanging Temples

Huayan Monastry

Shanhua Temple


The average temperature in Datong during July is approximately 18°C to 29°C (65°F to 84°F).


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