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Update: February 24, 2014

We’ve received many emails and enquiries about bringing partners or immediate family members to the international fan club tour.

Unfortunately, because capacity numbers at various venues is limited due to size and space, we can only allow the lucky draw winners to participate in the line up of events for the fan club tour. Please understand, there are a limited number of seats available for Jackie’s concert, limited space at the fan club party and JC Film Gallery, and limited train tickets for the trip from Beijing to Shanghai. Please kindly understand that we must keep numbers restricted otherwise some fans might miss out!

Also, many fans have asked about extending the registration date to confirm your place at the fan club party tour. We understand that fans require time to apply for their visa’s to China. So, we have extended the confirmation date to March 10, 2014. This gives fans over 2 weeks to apply for their visa and complete airfare bookings. But the sooner fans can submit their details to Tour Group Organizers, hotel rooms and transportation can be appropriately arranged for attending fans.

We thank you for your continuous support for Jackie and appreciate your enthusiasm to attend.

Don’t forget to fill out your details and have it submitted asap!

The JC Group Team








Beijing, Shanghai – China
April 6th – April 10th, 2014



Update: February 20, 2014

Applications to attend Jackie Chan’s 60th Birthday Party ended on February 14, 2014 (11.59pm Hong Kong Time). We received over 5000 applications from fans all over the world. Jackie would like to say a big “Thank You” to all his fans for your unconditional and continuous support. Today, Jackie especially took out some time from his busy schedule to personally draw out the lucky fans to come join his party.


Jackie has just begun drawing the lucky fans under the witness of Lawyer Gao Zhong Yang, Beijing. This is a fair and random lucky draw so we wish all applicants the best of luck!

pix-03photo 8pix-02

Once the draw is complete, we will notify all lucky draw winners by email which will contain an official congratulatory letter for you to attend the International Fan Club Tour Party in April, 2014. Furthermore, lucky draw winners will receive an email within the coming week from an appointed representative of the tour group organizer. (Please take note that lucky draw winners must reply to the tour group organizer email with requested details in order to participate at the event.)


Thanks again to all the fans who emailed an application for the party. Good Luck!


ジャッキー・チェン 60回目の誕生日パーティの応募が2014年2月14日にて終了しました。(香港時間11:59)世界中から5000以上もの応募があり、ジャッキーはいつまでも変わらない暖かい応援に、とても大きな「ありがとう」を伝えたいと言っています。今日、ジャッキーが忙しいスケジュールの中時間を作り、自らパーティに参加するラッキーなファンの抽選を行いました。


ジャッキーがたった今、弁護士のGao Zhong Yangの立ち会いのもと、抽選をはじめました。公正で無作為の抽選です。全ての応募者の幸運を祈ります!


抽選が終わり次第、ラッキーな当選者にはthe International Fan Club Tour Party in April 2014に出席するための、オフィシャルなお祝いの手紙がメールで送られます。さらに、当選者は来週中までに主催者に選任された代理人からメールが届きます。(当選者はイベントに出席するために、代理人からのメールに必要事項を記載の上、返信をしてください。)




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Jackie Chan celebrated Chinese New Year performing on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala on January 30, 2014.
Directed by film director Feng Xiaogang, the show featured many artists including international superstar Jackie Chan, pianist Lang Lang, Koren actor Lee Min-ho, and French actress Sophie Marceau.




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Over the weekend, Jackie’s son Jaycee officially announced on his Weibo account that preparations are being made for his father’s upcoming birthday in April, 2014. And Jaycee has arranged a lineup of events for Jackie’s fans.

(click here for more information)

Jackie’s “With Love, With Heart, With Happiness” 60th Birthday Party will be held in Beijing and Shanghai between April 6th – April 10th, 2014. The theme of the party will be love, peach and harmony, and the lineup of events will include a concert, an opportunity for fans to have a close encounter with Jackie at his fan club party, and also a chance to be one of the first visitors to his JC Film Gallery in Shanghai.

Numbers to the events is limited and further information on how to participate will be announced by Jaycee in early February. Updates will also be posted on Jackie’s Official Website (Announcements Page) and Facebook page.

If selected to participate in this monumental event with Jackie, fans will only need to prepare for their own return airfare ticket to China and necessary visa documents to enter the country. Other expenses while traveling in China, such as concert tickets, entry to the museum in Shanghai, food during the trip, and local transportation, will be covered by Jackie Chan himself.

Keep a close eye on Jackie’s website and Facebook page for the latest information on how to celebrate with Jackie!

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Check out the slow version of Zheng Jiu 《拯救》(literally translated as “rescue”), the theme song to Jackie Chan’s upcoming new movie Police Story 2013 《警察故事2013》. Starring Jackie Chan, Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Huang Bo, and directed by Ding Sheng, see snippets of the film in this touching MV.


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Listen to Jackie Chan’s lastest song, Zheng Jiu 拯救(literally translated as “rescue”), the theme song to his upcoming new movie Police Story 2013 警察故事2013. Starring Jackie Chan, Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Huang Bo, and directed by Ding Sheng, see snippets of the film in this exciting MV, which will be released in China on December 24, 2013. Release dates for other countries will follow close by.



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Jackie Chan is USA promoting the release of his new movie, CZ12 (also known as Chinese Zodiac). CZ12 will open in theatres across the states at the end of this week.

Check out the latest interview of Jackie Chan with the LA Times about his new movie, CZ12: http://www.jackiechan.com/video.htm



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On October 7, 2013, Jackie Chan attended the Huading Awards Ceremony held in Macau. Jackie walked the red carpet alongside Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

Many international stars were honored at the event, including Nicole Kidman who received the Best Global Actress Award, Nicolas Cage received Best Global Actor, Sam Worthington received Best Global Action Performer, and British actor Jeremy Irons was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jackie Chan presented the Best Global Director Award to Quentin Tarantino.


Nicole Kidman, Jackie Chan



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photo 01

On the evening of September 30, Jackie Chan was in Hangzhou performing for the Hangzhou Superstar Concert. The theme of the concert was based on Jackie Chan’s timeline of film.

Held at Hangzhou’s Huang Long Sports Stadium, event organizers invited many super stars to sing along side Jackie, including Joey Yung, Leo Ku and Nicholas Tse from Hong Kong; G-Dragon from Korea; and Yang Mi, Zhou Wei and Chris Li from China. Jackie’s disciples, Seven Fortunes, and Jaycee also performed at the event.


photo 02

photo 05

(Please see the photo album for more pictures from the concert)

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achivement award


Jackie Chan has been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the New York Asian Film Festival.

Jackie has been involved with over 100 movies as an actor, director, producer or stuntman in his 53 years dedicated to the film industry.


Congratulations to Jackie Chan!


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070613-02Jackie Chan was at Hollywood Boulevard Avenue of Stars for a Hand, Foot and Nose Print ceremony. Jackie is the first Asian Artist to leave his prints for a second time because his first set of prints and star had gone missing.

Alongside Jackie at the event were Christ Tucker and Jaden Smith.