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The 2021 Chinese New Year Giveaway has officially ended! We hope everyone had some fun with the quizz!
This year, we received so many responses from fans all over the world and will need some time to go through all your emails to see who answered the 10 questions correctly.

Names of the lucky recipients will be announced on February 22, 2021, and they will receive an email from our team with instructions on how to claim the prize.

Here are the answers to the questions.



Quizz Answers:


Jackie is known by many names (for example: he has a birth name; a stage name; 7 Little Fortunes name; many nicknames and an “ancestral” name). Which of these names is not his name?
大哥有很多名称和外号 (例如: 出生名; 艺名; 七小福成员名; 昵称以及认祖归宗名). 从以下的选择里, 那个不是大哥的名称?

  • (a) Cheng Long 成龙
  • (b) Fang Shi Long 房仕龙
  • (c) Yuen Lou 元楼
  • (d) Fang Dao Long 房道龙 – (this is Jackie’s father’s name 这是成龙大哥爸爸的名字)
  • (e) Chan Kong Sang 陈港生

2). What is Jackie’s most commonly used hand gesture when taking photos?
大哥拍照时, 最常见用以下哪个手势?

























3).  In Jackie’s latest album, “I’m Still Jackie Chan”, which song is dedicated to his Stunt Team brothers?
2018年的专辑,“我还是成龙”, 每首歌都有一个故事. 其中哪一首歌是送给成家班的兄弟们?

(a) Childhood Stories 青春故事 
(b) Love Is Old 愛情老了
(c) Wù Shì Rén Fēi 物是人非
(d) Thank You, My Love 謝謝一輩子
(e)  Don’t Give Up 別放棄

4). What movie featured these two handsome actors?

(a) Kung Fu Yoga 功夫瑜伽
(b) Shinjuku Incident 新宿事件
(c) Gorgeous 玻璃樽
(d) Railroad Tigers 铁道飞虎
(e) Little Big Soldier 大兵小将 – (Co-actor Lee Hom Wang 王力宏)

5). What year did Jackie receive an Honorary Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award?

(a) 1993
(b) 1999
(c) 2001
(d) 2016 – Jackie received this award in November 2016
(e) 2019

6). What movie is this still from?

(a) New Police Story 新警察故事
(b) The Foreigner 英倫對決
(c) Rush Hour 3 尖峰時刻3
(d) Bleeding Steel 機器之血
(e) The Spy Next Door 邻家特工

7). In Jackie’s book, “Never Grow Up”, he talks about his experiences while training at the China Drama Academy and how everyone at the academy had the same goal. What was that goal?
在大哥自传“还未长大就老了”, 他说过在京剧戏班训练的时候, 所有师兄弟姊妹们只有一个目标. 这个目标是什么?

(a) Perform on Stage asap 尽快上台表演
(b) Become the Big Brother 做大哥
(c) Study 读书
(d) Fight with People to see who’s better 跟别人打架分高下
(e) Go Home and Sleep 回家睡觉

8). Which of these movies was released in Hong Kong in the year 2000?



































(e) Released in Hong Kong in 2000 香港上映2000年








9). In 1999, Jackie made a cameo appearance in Stephen Chow’s King of Comedy. What character did Jackie play in this movie?
大哥曾在1999年周星馳主演的 “喜劇之王” 裡面客串. 當時他客串的角色是什麼?

(a) Policeman 警察
(b) The Boyfriend 男朋友
(c) Dead Man Extra 路人甲死屍
(d) Thief 小偷
(e) The Director 导演

10). In Karate Kid, what is the first lesson that JC teaches Jayden?
在电影’功夫梦’的剧情中, 韩先生答应接受 Dre (德瑞)为徒,第一堂的训练是教什么?

(a) High Kick 踢腿








(b) Jacket Training 外套训练







(c) Press Ups 撑上压








(d) Punching Stance 拳脚步法








(e) Be Still, Do Nothing 冷静, 什么都不做









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