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A BIG thank you to everyone who participated in the Chinese New Year Competition. We received so many entries from fans all over the world and we’d like to say a big thank you for your continuous support.

Congratulations to the first 100 entrants who correctly matched the Chinese New Year couplets AND followed the simple instructions of providing your name, country and email address. These 100 winners have won a lucky red pocket “Lai Si” from Jackie Chan!


Here are the correct answers to the couplets:

A hint to the first couplet was given in Jackie’s New Year blessing picture:


1 – C
2 – A
3 – D
4 – B

1). Luck and Prosperity, Fortune at the Door
C). All Things Smooth Sailing, the Lucky Star will Come


2). Eat Well, Sleep Well, Have Fun Day by Day
A). Study Hard, Work Hard, Make Money More and More
食得好, 睡得好, 天天都開心


3). A Year of Good Luck Will Come with Spring
D). Four Seasons of Rainbows Rolling In


4). Good Year, Good Life and Good Luck
B). Lots of Wealth, Lots of Fortune and Lots of Happiness


The winners are listed below.
One of our staff members will contact the 100 winners by the email you provided. Please remember to check your email to see if you were one of the first 100 who correctly matched the Chinese New Year couplets. For those of you who missed out this time, keep your eyes posted on Jackie’s Facebook and Official Website for more chances to win in future competitions.

Once again, thank you for participating and we wish you the best of luck in our future competitions.


 Text and Photos Copyright © 2015 The JC Group HK
All Rights Reserved

Jacqueline Wongso USA
Johnathan Miller USA
Chantelle Beltran USA
Peter Hoang USA
Mehmet Kadir Dalgic Turkey
Shi-Hui Yue Germany
Nika Anna Perez Philippines
Ernie Susanty Indonesia
Talisa Mi Anh Do Germany
Andrew Wu Canada
Killian Masters Australia
Pham Hoang Hung Vietnam
Geraint Jin Malaysia
Morris Chin USA
Paul Christie Loubser South Africa
Charles Thao USA
Vickie Le USA
Dennis Germany
Arun UK
Cynthia Claire dela Cruz Philippines
Rosemarie A. Hernandez Malaysia
Martin Zingor Czech Replublic
Charlotte Tan Malaysia
Matt Jonsen Australia
Kimberly Chau USA
Joaquin Osimani Uruguay
Jerome Chane-San France
Yu Joo Heng Malaysia
Filip Roberta Adriana Romania
Merel Van Selm Netherlands
Jordan Yee New Zealand
Hieu Minh Huynh Vietnam
Damian Pietrzykowski Poland
Francine Hong Canada
Joyce Tan Sheau Yean Malaysia
Yu Hang Zhu UK
Claire Longequeue France
Mark Vincent Federico Philippines
George Merkouriadis Greece
Dan Kent UK
Elizabeth Marie Gonzalez Puerto Rico
Psidre Felix USA
Kieran Burke USA
Ida Robinson USA
Koray Unlu UK
Lida Barmala Australia
Tri Nguyen USA
Fatih Erkan Caba Turkey
Jessica Dian Indonesia
Iren Tonai United Kingdom
Myra Mayasari Indonesia
Hannah Dorothy B. Pena Singapore
Alyssa Littleton United States
Douwe van Slooten Netherlands
Ma. Sheila Joy M. Limboc Saudi Arabia
Feng Chun Lin USA
Jackie Tay Chia How Malaysia
Chelsea Woodruff Pool USA
Sean Presky USA
Ishara Goonetilleke Sri Lanka
Vijay David India
Sujatha Meesala India
Kirsten Elliot Pratt Canada
Marina Hitomi Watanabe Brazil
Hazel Oracles United Arab Emirates
Chong Hang USA
Hamza Umer Farooq Pakistan
Annika Hoffmann Germany
Maricris C. Ramos Phillippines
Kaan Oezkan Germany
Pavlova Anna Russia
Gabriel Nadeau-Poulin Canada
Roditha Mansueto Phillippines
Chandra Eden USA
Jacky Lee Australia
Sharon Garton USA
Neli Dun Bulgaria
tukasz Mackowski Poland
Gaetano Vairo Italy
Candy Goh Singapore
M. Rajesh India
David Thompson UK
Martin Langbecker Germany
Samantha Ramsamy Norway
Olioso Diego Italy
Kristin Schipani USA
Iris S USA
David Castro Spain
Peu Puc Australia
Jana Prihodova Slovakia
Stephanie Simbeck Germany
Nimesh Babu Oli Nepal
Natalie Pyzik Australia
Desire Salerno Jimenez Spain
T’Lyn Homan USA
Anelea Landero Phillippines
Lotis Dayap Hong Kong
Yohanes Kurniawan Indonesia
Aniela Plasencia


One of our staff members will contact you via the email you provided.

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