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Here are the answers ~
Recipients will be announced on February 9, 2022 (and will be notified by email for further information). Thanks for taking part in this years giveaway. We hope you all enjoyed the quiz.


ANSWERS – 新春发红包 – 答案

2022 – Chinese New Year Giveaway Quiz!


Apart from Jackie’s signature “victory” hand gestures when taking photos, can you guess what Jackie’s hand gesture is in these photos?
除了大哥的指定”双手胜利”✌️ 手势, 大家能猜猜以上照片用了那个手势?













Jackie’s book, “Never Grow Up”, has been translated and published internationally in many different languages. Which of the following languages is the book not translated in yet?
成龙大哥的小传: “还未长大就老了”在世界各地已出版不同语言的版本. 以下那个语言没有出版?

a) Latin 拉丁文
b) Thai 泰文
c) Japanese 日文
d) French 法文
e) English 英文



Jackie has a mandarin song that he sings with sign language. Can you name the song?

a) Endless Love 无尽的爱
b) Country 国家
c) Don’t Give Up 别放弃
d) Believe in Yourself 相信自己
e) Youth Are Strong 少年强


4). Can you guess which movie these shots are from?


d) Police Story 3: Super Cop













5). At the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards, Jackie won the Best Action Choreography award for which movie?


b) Who Am I












6). Can you guess what movie is this still from?


e) Kungfu Yoga












7). Jackie has released a few albums throughout his career. Can you name the title to this album cover?
过去成龙大哥推出了许多音乐专辑. 以上是哪一张专辑的封面?

a) Dragon’s Heart 龙的心
b) First Time 第一次
c) With All One’s Heart 真的-用了心
d) I’m Still Jackie Chan 我还是成龙
e) The Best of Jackie Chan成龙最爱精选



8). In 2012, Jackie was awarded two Guinness World Records which were presented to him during an event in Shanghai. One record was for “Most Credits in One Movie”; what was the other record for?
在2012年成龙大哥在上海出席活动时,健力士世界纪录大全颁发两个奖项给他. 其中一个是 “一部影片中身兼职务最多的电影人”; 另外一个是什么奖项?

a) Most Action Sequences in a Movie 一部电影中最多动作场面
b) Most Stunts by a Living Actor 表演特技最多的演员
c) Singing the Most Movie Theme Songs 主唱最多电影主题曲
d) Running the fastest 100 meters 跑最快的100米
e) Most Movies by a Living Actor 出演最多电影的演员


9). Jackie has been the voice of many animations. Which film below did Jackie not do a voice over for?
成龙大哥为不少动画片配音. 以下那一部动画片不是成龙大哥配音?


c) The Lion King












10). Which traditional Hong Kong snack does Jackie like to eat?


d) Egg Tart 蛋挞











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