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Dearest fans of Jackie Chan,



Recently, we’ve heard about the interest of making representative clothing for Jackie Chan’s fan clubs and/or groups from various countries around the world. We’d like to officially issue a warm reminder to everyone that any design involving the use of Jackie Chan’s name or the use of any Jackie Chan trademarked logos is an infringement of the trademark law and may result in legal action. A company has already signed a binding contract with us for the official use of Jackie Chan’s trademarked logos. Therefore, any use of Jackie Chan trademarked logos without prior permission from us may result in legal action for trademark infringement and possible compensation. With this being said, we welcome enquiries from representatives of fan clubs or groups who are interested in making clothing or apparel with Jackie Chan’s trademarked logos, to contact us directly for further details:


Thank you for your kind attention.


The JC Group International Ltd.







最近得悉來自不同國家/組織的粉絲團都想訂製代表其國家/組織粉絲團的衣服,我們必須提醒大家若衣服的設計含成龍商標就會涉及侵權問題了,因為我司已跟相關公司簽訂了代理成龍商標的合同,若未經授權使用成龍商標,將會面對法律責任及賠償。有見及此,我們希望有興趣訂做成龍商標衣服的粉絲團代表們可直接電郵到 trademark@jackiechandesign.com 聯繫我們總公司再商議。





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