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2024 Chinese New Year Hong Bao Giveaway
(Lucky Draw for 300 “Hong Bao” Lucky Red Packets!)



(中文 – 请安这里)

At a blink of an eye, it’s another new year and another new beginning! Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon! Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Jackie wishes all his friends and fans around the world: good luck, great health, continuous peace, and a flying dragon-ful of success for 2024.

The annual tradition of giving “Hong Bao” (紅包 or “Lai Si” lucky red packets) is a symbol of luck, good fortune, well wishes and happiness. Jackie would like to welcome the year of the Dragon with a dragon-heart full of love, and continue his tradition of giving “Hong Bao” (lucky red packets) to his unceasingly supportive fans.

The lucky draw this year will have a prize pool of 300 “Hong Bao” (Lai Si) red packets. For your chance to win one of the lucky “Hong Bao” (Lai Si) red packets, our staff have prepared a fun quiz of 10 multiple-choice questions about Jackie. All respondents who correctly answer all 10 questions will be put into the lucky draw for a “Hong Bao” red packet.

The 2024 Chinese New Year Hong Bao Giveaway quiz starts now, and will end on Wednesday February 14, 2024 at 23:59PM (Hong Kong time). Just follow the instructions below to submit your answers and remember, only 1 entry per person will be accepted. (Submitting emails more than once will automatically be disqualified).

The lucky draw where 300 lucky fans (who correctly answered all 10 questions before February 14, 2024) will be randomly drawn and announced on February 23, 2024.


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Create a new email and in the subject line write: 2024 Hong Bao Giveaway
  2. In the body of your email, write down your matching answers, for example:
    Q1 – A
    Q2 – B
    Q10 – C.
  3. Also write down your details:
    Full Name:
    Country of Residence:
    Email Address:
  4. Send your answers to: (The quiz has ended. Thank you for participating).


Only one entry per person will be accepted. Multiple entries from the same person will automatically be eliminated.
**The JC Group reserves the right to the final decision on the giveaway competition.**

Just like our last giveaway, lucky winners will be notified by email and will also make an announcement on Jackie’s Facebook page and Official Website.

It’s that simple! Let’s see how well you know Jackie! Good Luck!

(The JC Group reserves the right to the final decision on the giveaway competition).


2024 Chinese New Year Hong Bao Giveaway


1) What is Jackie Chan’s Star sign??



Leo 狮子座


Aries 白羊座


Taurus 金牛座


Gemini 双子座

2) Which of the following movie stills is not from the movie, “Meals on Wheels”?
以下哪张照片不属于电影 “快餐车” 的剧照?















3) What film is this scene from?

Vanguard 急先锋


Kung Fu Yoga 功夫瑜伽


Hidden Strike 狂怒沙暴


Bleeding Steel 机器之血


Rob-b-Hood 宝贝计划

4) What character did Jackie do the voice over for in Wish Dragon?
在动画片“许愿神龙”里面, 大哥是为那个角色配音?


Din Song 丁思齐


Mr. Wang 王俐娜爸爸


Tall Goon 高个


Dragon 神龙


Pipa God 琵琶神

5) The song sung by Jackie “How Come?” (Zenme Hui) was the theme song for which movie?
成龙大哥主唱的 “怎么会” 是哪一部电影的主题曲?


First Strike 警察故事IV之简单任务



The Karate Kid 功夫梦



Dragon Blade 天将雄师



Rush Hour 尖峰时刻



Police Story 3 警察故事3: 超级警察

6) CZ12 (aka Chinese Zodiac) was filmed in many countries around the world. Which of the following countries was CZ12 not filmed in?
十二生肖在世界各地很多地方取景拍摄. 以下哪个国家不是十二生肖的拍摄地点?


(a) Latvia 拉脱维亚

(b) China 中国

(c) Canada 加拿大

(d) France 法国

(e) Vanuatu 瓦努阿图

7) In 2009, Jackie adopted two adorable pandas while in Chengdu. What are the names two adorable pandas?

(a) Lay and Zy 阿雷 和 阿斯

(b) Cheng Cheng and Long Long 成成 和 龙龙

(c) Jake and Baker 杰克 和 贝克

(d) Bing Bing and Bingo 冰冰 和 冰高

(e) Movie and Song 影影 和 歌歌

8) Which of the following actors did not star alongside Jackie in the movie, Ride On?

Andy On 安志杰



Yu Rongguang 于荣光



Wu Jing 吴京



Ray Lui 吕良伟



Xiao Zhan 肖战

9) Apart from Jackie’s signature “peace” hand gesture when he poses for photos, what is his second most used hand gesture that he also likes to use?
除了大哥拍照时最喜欢用的 ”双手胜利” ✌️手势, 大家能猜猜大哥也喜欢用的手势是那个?



















10) Which of these songs did Jackie Chan sing at the 2023 Greater Bay Area Concert?


(a) Force of China中华力量

(b) Sincere Hero真心英雄

(c) The Great Wall Never Falls万里长城永不倒

(d) Descendants of the Dragon龙的专人

(e) Youth to the Sun青春向太阳



恭喜发财!龙年快乐!时间过的真快,转眼间一年就过去了!成龙大哥在此衷心恭祝全世界的朋友和粉丝们: 龙年吉祥、身体健康、龙马精神、阖府平安、行运一条龙!希望大家在2024年 – 平安、健康、快乐; 像龙一样自由翱翔、一帆风顺、事业成功!

今年成龙大哥继续发放龙之爱心,秉承每年的传统给大家发 ‘红包’, 希望派发更多祝福, 好运及快乐给支持他多年的粉丝们 (就是你!)

跟往年一样, 成龙大哥准备了300封红包, 以问答选择题及抽奖形式派发 ‘红包’ 给300名幸运儿.

想获得机会成为其中一名收‘红包’的幸运儿吗?  快来参与 ‘2024龙年发红包’ 问答题游戏吧!以下有10个有关大哥的问答选择题. 答对所有选择题(10个)的参与者可获得机会以抽奖形式抽出,成为300名当中的‘红包’幸运儿.

游戏由现在开始至2024年2月14日 23:59PM (香港时间)截止. 请按照以下的指示提供您的答案. 300名幸运儿抽名名单将于2024年2月23日公布, 每位幸运儿可赢取红包一封!


1) 在电子邮件主题填写:  2024龙年发红包

2) 邮件内容请写下您的答案, 如:





3) 也记住写下您的:




4) 请在2024年2月14日 23:59PM前 (香港时间), 把答案发往:
             (游戏已经截止.  謝謝大家的參與!)


请注意: 每人只可提交答案一次. 如有发现多次提交, 将被自动作废.
得奖幸运儿将以电邮通知, 请大家确保您的电邮地址是在操作中 (没有回复的电邮会被作废!)
**JC Group 拥有最终决定权**





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