If you recognise yourself in these photos and would like a copy, note down the photo code and email us: FYPdonate@jackiechan.com

Photos cost USD$10 each:
* 5R (5" x 7") (postage & handling included).

All proceeds will go towards Jackie Chan's Dragon's Heart Foundation.


Jackie has been in the entertainment industry for over half a century and during this time, he has taken countless photos with many different people from all over the world. With a personal collection of several million photos and not knowing if these people in the photos have a copy for their own reference, Jackie would like to test the power of the internet world and see if these people would like an opportunity to buy a copy for keepsake. The cause of this project is also for charity so if you're not in the photo but would still like to donate, email us to find out how.

If you see yourself in a photo and would like to purchase a copy, take note of the photo code on the bottom right corner and send us a request at: FYPdonate@jackiechan.com

Each photo costs USD$10 and you'll receive one 5R photo (5" x 7"), postage and handling included. (Registered post or FedEx available on request).

* All proceeds from the "Find Your Photo" project will be donated to Jackie Chan's Dragon's Heart Foundation*