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Places for the Jackie Chan International Fan Club Tour 2019 + the 5th Annual Jackie Chan Action Film Week – Tour of Datong, has officially ended and places have been filled. Thank you for participating and we hope the lucky fans will enjoy their upcoming trip to China!!

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Dates have finally been confirmed by event organisers for the “2019 Jackie Chan International Fan Club Gathering and Tour of Datong Action Film Week“!  And the lucky draw for fans to attend the fan club tour is currently underway. Over the next few weeks, our team will be emailing the lucky fans who have been drawn from the lucky draw to attend. Please keep an eye out in your email account. We will announce when all the lucky spots have been drawn. (Details on how to respond will be written in the email. And only the lucky fans who receive the invitation email will be allowed to attend the fan club party. Registered names will be checked alongside the name in your passport so please ensure you provide your correct name and details).


As mentioned in our initial announcement, event organisers can only allow person 18 years and over to attend the fan club party. They are very strict with this rule. Considering the safety and concerns of such a large scale event, “18 years old” is the legal age where a person can act independently without the need for a parent to be present. Names will be cross-checked upon arrival into China (like in 2014), and event organisers will not allow any person whose name is not on the official tour list to join the fan club tour. Thank you for your understanding.


好消息!动作电影周的组委会终于确定了“2019成龙国际影迷会及成龙国际动作电影周–大同之旅”的日子。由于收到的报名人数太多,并且參與名额有限,所以需要进行抽奖形式来抽出今次有机会参与的辛运儿。 大家请记得查看您的电邮箱。参与名额填满后将会公布在官方网站。只有收到邀请函的辛运儿才有资格参与这次的影迷会活动 (名额不能转让。如果被抽中而不能出席,即为自动弃权而大会将会再抽一名幸运儿参与)。



报到此活动时, 旅行社的工作人员会严格核对名单,不在名单上的影迷不能参与此活动。谢谢大家合作。


Just out of interest, here is a little bit of information about Datong, Shanxi China.

Datong is a prefecture-level city in northern Shanxi Province, located 350km west of Beijing, approximately 4-5 hours drive by car.

Well known for its abundant historical relics and natural beauty, Datong is one of the 24 famous historical sites within China. There are many ancient buildings, monuments, temples, monasteries and statues dating back to the Liao (907AD) and Jin (266AD) periods.


Datong is not a big city like Beijing or Shanghai and the area is still under development. Their living lifestyle is quite basic and simple. Jackie even visited some impoverished areas during the Action Film Week in 2018 – https://bit.ly/2HCIeid.


Datong’s primary economic activity is the mining of coal, hence nickname ‘the city of coal’.  It is also is a city of culture with notable sights including the Yungang Grottoes, Hanging temples, Huayan Monastery and Shanhua Temple.


Yungang Grottoes

Hanging Temples

Huayan Monastry

Shanhua Temple


The average temperature in Datong during July is approximately 18°C to 29°C (65°F to 84°F).


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Re: The 2019 Jackie Chan International Fan Club Tour

We’re still waiting for event organizers in China to confirm the fan club tour dates for everyone. We understand how time is essential, especially for overseas fans, when making plans for travel into China. Please bear with us as dates are being finalized by event organizers.

As soon as we have more information, you’ll be updated here!


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Registrations of Interest to the 2019 Jackie Chan International Fan Club Gathering and Tour of Datong JC Action Film Week has officially closed. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans for your registrations. Our team received well over 6,000 registrations if interest forms and all valid forms have been noted.

As soon as our team receives any new updates, we will endeavour to relay the latest information to Jackie’s amazing fans.

Once again, thank you for your participation and we hope to keep you updated with any further progress!





Text and Photos © 2019 The JC Group
All Rights Reserved

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2019 International Fan Club Gathering and Tour of Datong JC Action Week – Update

Registration of Interest


Although the exact dates for the 2019 fan club tour hasn’t been confirmed yet, Jackie’s team of diligent and dedicated staff would like to take the first step in asking fans around the world who are interested in taking part in the 2019 International Fan Club Tour to register their interest by filling the form below.


If you think you’re flexible and likely to attend between the dates of  (‘to-be-confirmed’):
July 24 – July 28, 2019 (plus or minus a couple of days before and after); have a valid visa to enter China; able to fund your own flight to/from your home country to China; aged 18 years old or above; and think you’re highly likely to attend if the fan club tour is confirmed, then please register your interest by completing this form (click HERE to download) and email it back to us BEFORE April 30, 2019:


Overseas fans (outside of China):      ~*registrations has ended*~

(this email address will cater for English speaking fans)


Likely places to visit:

Beijing; Tianjin (JC Stunt Team Training Centre); Datong (JC Action Movie Week); fan club party with Jackie Chan… details to be confirmed at a later date.


Likely Dates:

Dates are NOT confirmed, but is likely to be held between July 24 – July 28, 2019 (give or take a couple of days before and after this time frame). Please allow appropriate travel time from your hometown to Beijing, and return.


As numbers for the fan club tour will be limited, lucky fans will be drawn at random from the pool of completed ‘Registration of Interest’ forms, so please remember to submit a form if you’re interested in attending. Once the lucky draw is complete, an official invitation will be emailed to the lucky fan if the gathering is confirmed.


We kindly ask for fans to be flexible and understanding, and to be prepared for the worse (just in case plans change for whatever reason). But also on the other hand, we hope fans are prepared if the 2019 Fan Club Tour does go ahead!


Here’s what to expect:

  • Eligible participants must be a fan of Jackie Chan, and over 18 years of age;
  • Invitations to the fan club tour is limited, and attending fans will be drawn at random from those who have completed and returned their ‘Registration of Interest Form’. So please remember to fill out the form if you’d like to attend;
  • Lucky fans will be emailed an official invitation if you’re drawn, so please ensure your email address is correct;
  • If the gathering is confirmed (and you’re one of the lucky fans selected to join the event), international fans residing outside of China are only required to purchase their own return airfare tickets from your country to the tentative location of Beijing, China. Fans will also be responsible for their own visa requirements;
  • Fans residing within China only need to pay for their own return transportation to the tentative location of Beijing;
  • Event organisers will cover other local costs during the fan gathering, such as accommodation, food, local transportation etc;
  • The 2019 Fan Club Tour will be arranged by a specified third party organizer, so fans should expect to travel and participate as a tour group. Further details will be provided if (and when) any plans are to be confirmed;
  • Only one “Registration of Interest Form” to be completed and submitted per person;
  • Please download and use the official Registration of Interest Form from Jackie Chan’s Official Website. Other forms will not be accepted. Please be aware of fraudulent forms or actions claiming to assist with the registration process;
  • NO registration fee is required!


Download the Registration Form Here


The JC Group has the final right and decision to make any changes or cancel the event without prior notice.


We only collect the information you choose to provide us, and we process it with your consent, or on another legal basis; we only require the minimum amount of personal information that is necessary to fulfil the purpose of your interaction with us; we do not sell it to third parties; and we only use it as described above. Unless permitted or required by law, we will not disclose your personal data to any third parties without your consent. The security of your Personal Information is important to us, but remember that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. While we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your Personal Information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.


成龙2019全球影迷聚會暨动作电影周千人影迷团大同之旅 – 更新公告

有兴趣参加 – 请报名





暂定日期 :

2019年7月24日至7月28日( 約5-6天)**(前後請多預留一兩天)






2019年4月30日, 23:59 HKT




中国的影迷,请发送至:~*registrations has ended*~




  • 成龍迷影/粉絲
  • 年齡18歲或以上
  • 遵纪守法、无不良记录
  • 由于名额有限,我们将采取抽签的方式选出最终可以来参加活动的幸运儿;
  • 将会以电邮方式通知被获邀的幸运儿;
  • 中国境内的影迷需自行负责往返北京报到点的交通费用;
  • 海外影迷需要自行负责签证及往返北京的机票及相关的交通费用;
  • 活动会负责影迷自北京报到后至解散前得全部食宿交通,影迷无需支付相关费用;
  • 被获邀的幸运儿必须按订制的行程随团出行;
  • 每人只可报名一次,如有发现重复报名将会被自动取消资格;
  • 只接受成龙官网的“报名表” 其他表格一律无效。请小心诈骗及假冒;
  • 请注意提交报名表不需要支付任何费用。




JC Group具有本活动最终决定权 。


收集資料声明本公司透過本报名表所收集的個人資料,只会用于这次互动的目的。在一般情況下,閣下的資料不會披露予或轉移至任何其他第三方(與此活動相關協辦機構除外). 我們僅可在閣下同意或不反對的情況下使用閣下的資料。本公司会盡力保障閣下資料的私隱但不能确保完全的安全性.

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Unofficial Announcement


It’s been a few years since Jackie last held an international gathering with his lovely fans. This year, Jackie has the “intention” to hold a fan gathering. However, because of his unpredictable and ever-changing schedule, and we understand the difficulties for fans overseas to plan a long-distance trip in short notice, at this moment in time we’d just like to let fans know that there might be a possibility of a fan gathering between July 24-29, 2019 (plus or minus a couple of days before and after the dates to allow flexibility).


No dates have been confirmed!

This idea may change at any point in time without prior notice.


If there are any further developments or updates, they will be announced here on Jackie’s Official Website, Facebook page, Instagram, Weibo and Twitter account.


What international fans need to be aware of in preparation of a possible fan gathering:

Intended Location: CHINA – Beijing and/or Datong (Shanxi Province)

Date: (exact date to be confirmed) – around July 24-29, 2019

Duration: maybe 5-7 days (depending on your flight schedule)

What fans may need to prepare:

  • Valid passport and visa for entry into China;
  • Return airfare ticket to/from Beijing, China (if from overseas); or own travel arrangements to Beijing if you’re already in China;
  • Allow approximately 5-7 days for the fan gathering (taking into account your travel time to/from China).


Please be aware that nothing has been confirmed yet!

EVERYTHING is still in discussion… things may change (for good or for worse) at the last minute.


(Any questions, enquiries, or interest may be directed to: enquiry@jcgrouphk.com )

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Congratulations to the following participants for being the first 200 to correctly answer the 2019 Chinese New Year Quiz!

(The names are in no particular order)


Dwight Low (USA) Ankhbayar Andy Tursaikhan (Canada)
Mark Nelson (USA) Dev Dee (Indonesia)
Higashino Yuko (Japan) Olena (Ukraine)
陈嘟 (China) Fernando Henriquez (Netherlands)
Grace Yao (Singapore) Carl Sullivan (UK)
Christopher Calderon (USA) 肖志锋 (China)
田珞珞 (China) 高谦 (China)
苏夏 (China) Isaac Sundaralignam (Sri Lanka)
韩洋 (China) Francisca Hernandez (Chile)
孙晓萱 (China) Zachary Flynn (USA)
Jacek Nawlicki (Poland) Eric Ignacio (USA)
Daniel Taneski (Macedonia) Melis Tekin (Turkey)
刘家莉 (China) Chantel Nguyen (France)
魏珊珊 (China) Tracy McCane (USA)
李星 (China) 徐何懿 (China)
高冠华 (China) 张子龙 (China)
Naomi Le Souvannam (Australia) Nikolay Naucevich (Latvia)
Rowan Brandit (Netherlands) Michele Musico (Italy)
Nimesh Babu Oli (Nepal) 范健雄 (China)
Joan Da (Philippines) 邢娟 (China)
杜渥浩 (China) Sarah Su (USA)
慧航 (China) Derrick Galindo (USA)
魏晨 (China) Anastasiya Haritonova (Belarus)
Tan Wei Xiong (Malaysia) 柴淑敏 (China)
Dave Turner (UK) 小都 (China)
张薇 (China) Min Ru Lin (Canada)
张自立 (China) Gavin Bongi (UK)
金薇 (China) 赵翔 (China)
周强强 (China) Hideharu Yamane (Japan)
Johnathan Lim (USA) 高阁 (China)
Cheryl Harley (UK) 郭恬村 (China)
孙辰达 (China) 刘琳 (China)
刘美言 (China) 曹卓师 (China)
邓成名 (China) David Bui (Australia)
Nicole Wangsadinata (Germany) Annie Zhao (USA)
Kathy Wood (USA) 冯炜杰 (China)
Matthew Evans (Spain) 柯阳(China)
Giorgos Argyrides (UK) 杨佳琦(China)
老妖 (China) Simon Tsang (UK)
Julia Zech (Germany) 杨晓东(China)
Lim Yuko (Japan) 王鹏 (China)
李俊 (China) 杨阳 (China)
Gurgen Adamyan (Armenia) 蓝菱珊 (China)
刘晨 (China) Sophie W Lundqvist (Sweden)
Ben McMahon (Australia) Edwin Ng (USA)
Karen Kauder (USA) Jo (Poland)
成重阳 (China) Jorelie Anne Guirao (USA)
张雨晴 (China) Aye Moe Moe Khaing (Myanmar)
付琳 (China) 毛文娟 (China)
Nicola Niessen (Germany) 李莉 (China)
Lei Jin (China) 徐坤林 (China)
Aden Wong (Hong Kong) Lover Jay Te (Philippines)
Florian Krapp (Germany) Mary Toney (Australia)
Phung Ngoc Thanh Van (Vietnam) Heather McAffee (USA)
子牛 (China) 李新宇 (China)
Thorsten Boose (Germany) 师雪梅 (China)
张亚飞 (China) 简国光 (China)
Frank Presta (USA) Theodoros Mazarakis (Netherlands)
Hamish Kelman (UK) Khaing Su Su Soe (Myanmar)
Mindy Saini (Australia) 姜新爱 (China)
韩泽欣 (China) 李媛 (China)
李华强 (China) Wei-Kun Chung (Canada)
Shelby Shibahara (Japan) Van Anh Thi Trinh (Denmark)
张倪 (China) John Cao (USA)
Elena Beliaeva (Russia) Nicole Miller (USA)
张斌 (China) Hilmar Haraldsson (Iceland)
Maxim Smirniv (Russia) 張家豪 (Taiwan)
Harada Yusei (Japan) Sean Rogers (Canada)
吴艳 (China) Justin Angel (UK)
裴莹莹 (China) Joey Truninger (Switzerland)
Yana Sidorova (Russia) LJ Manzano (Philippines)
Liubov Zelenskaia (Russia) 郭慧 (China)
Sharaz Butt (UK) 张莉 (China)
Antonio Santandreu (Spain) Kashmere Cleofas (Canada)
郭红 (China) Keven Huynh (Canada)
Gleb Ilnytskyi (Ukraine) Tavan William (France)
赵旭洁 (China) 瑶瑶 (China)
Annet Ummels-Majolee (Netherlands) 郭华 (China)
Silke Oettel (Germany) Caroline Woo (Singapore)
Nguyen Nhur (Vietnam) Henrik Karlberg (Sweden)
黄山 (China) Matthew Foster (UK)
Barbara Cavalcante da Silva (Brazil) 郭娟 (China)
石少师 (China) 何权威 (China)
Chin Lim Fah (Malaysia) 张晶 (China)
Nicole Hermann (Germany) Higashino Junko (Japan)
Then Shui Huan (Malaysia) Tiara Sungkar (Indonesia)
Lauren Ossam Reda Feyez (Egypt) Veronica Haritonova (Belarus)
郑岩 (China) 郭振东 (China)
韩洋 (China) Angie Latif (UK)
Ricardo Stank (Brazil) 丁永康 (China)
Nodir Narziev (Uzbekistan) Gabriel Mossini (Brazil)
张明月 (China) Gabriel Araujo (Brazil)
李三岁 (China) Brandon Lee (Malaysia)
Ryabchun Alexey (Kazakhstan) Jessy Lee (Malaysia)
李洁铭 (China) 巩芯彤(China)
Rene Peters (Germany) Saba Babaie (Australia)
Sandra (Sandy) Topper (Germany) Anu Laumets (Estonia)
王晴 (China) Joseph Limn (Australia)
Zachary Bello (USA) 邱素芳 (China)
李梦鸽 (China) 赵国升 (China)

Winners will be contacted by email very soon!
Please respond at your soonest possible convenience so we can send out your lucky “lai si” without delay..


A big “thank you” to all the participants for taking part in this fun quiz! We hope you all enjoyed it.




Here are the answers to the quiz:








What movie is this shot from?
A.     Chinese Zodiac (CZ12)
B.     The Foreigner
C.     Police Story 2013
D.    Kung Fu Yoga

E.     Bleeding Steel











Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and which other Seven Little Fortunes member starred in ‘Wheels on Meals’?
除了成龙及洪金宝之外, 还有那位七小福成员也演出
A.     Yuen Kwai
B.     Yuen Biao
C.     Yuen Wah
D.    Yuen Qiu
E.     Yuen Tak








In ‘Little Big Soldier’, Jackie was the Big Soldier. Who played the little general?
在‘大兵小将’里面, 成龙大哥扮演了大兵一角。
A.     Steve Yoo
B.     Aarif Rahman
C.     Leehom Wang
D.    Ringo Yu
E.     Michael Wong











In 2015, I released the Chinese version of my memoir. And recently, the English version was finally released.
What is the name of my book?
A.     Who Am I?
B.     I am Jackie Chan
C.     I’m Still Jackie Chan
D.    Still Growing Up
E.     Never Grow Up








Where was the 4th Annual International Jackie Chan Action Movie Week held in 2018?
A.     Datong, Shanxi
大同, 山西
B.     Shanghai
C.     Beijing
D.    Bangbu, Anhui
蚌埠, 安徽
E.     Hong Kong

















Which movie was released in 1999?

A. Tuxedo


B. City Hunter


C. Karate Kid


D. Gorgeous


E. The Myth


A.     Tuxedo
B.     City Hunter
C.     Karate Kid
D.    Gorgeous
E.     The Myth










Jackie released an album this year, dedicated to his friends, family, JC stunt team, parents.
What is the name of the album?大哥最近推出了新的国语专辑, 献给他的兄弟, 儿子, 父亲, 爱人, 朋友们.
A.     Country
B.     Truly, With All My Heart真的,用了心
C.    Never Grow Up
D.    I’m Still Jackie Chan
E.    Jackie Chan Greatest Hits















Which actor hasn’t worked with Jackie in a movie yet?

A. Nicholas Tse


B. Louis Koo


C. Tony Leung


D. Andy Lau


E. Aaron Kwok


A.    Nicholas Tse
B.    Louis Koo
C.     Tony Leung
D.    Andy Lau
E.     Aaron Kwok









Do you recognize which movie this stunt scene this is from?

A.   Police Story
B.     Crime Story
C.     Project A
A 计划
D.    Armour of God
E.     Thunderbolt









What are the names of Jackie’s loyal furry friends?


A.     Ding Ding & Dong Dong

B.      JJ & Jones

C.     Lay & Zy

D.    Bing Bing & Bingo

E.     Zhi Zhi & Ja Ja