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Today, on World Animal Day, we celebrate the world’s most endangered animals. Check out BBCEarth for the first look on their latest natural history show, Dynasties, which follows the true stories of five of the world’s most iconic and endangered animal families!

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As the official organizer for the “4th Annual International Jackie Chan Action Movie Week” event (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”), we are aware of the recent misleading and untrue information that has been circulating and would like to make an official clarification as follows:

Recently, a particular “Taobao” user has been making offers on their site, claiming they can give customers access into the Event’s opening and closing ceremonies, give them access to walk the red carpet after paying a fee to staff members at the Event, and allowing them to take photos and obtain autographs with performing guests. This offer was announced with the unauthorized use of the Event’s opening ceremony poster as the background.

The security team for this particular Event have been very organized and security measures has been strict. Every guest and participant who have been invited to take part in the Event are carefully screened and verified before being allowed to enter the venue. Under no circumstances are people such as those described above allowed to enter the venue after paying a fee to staff members or gain backstage access to interact with performing guests. The false information as described above has not only damaged the reputation of the Event, event organizers, hosts, sponsors and presenters, it has also negatively impacted Mr. Jackie Chan’s image and reputation. The source has consciously provided fake information with the intent to obtain money by fraud. We ask all participants at the Event to be alert and vigilant, and don’t fall for such claims.

We hereby would like to clarify and officially announce the following points:

  1. Only members with a valid official Event pass may enter the venue. No other methods are acceptable and there are no exceptions. The description mentioned on “Taobao” stating you can enter by showing a message (or other similar messages) are false;
  2. We have reported the above false information to legal authorities and made complaints to relevant departments;
  3. We will fully co-ordinate with legal authorities and relevant departments with the investigation of the alleged false information and the unlawful misleading perception given to the public;
  4. We stand firm in protecting the rights and interests of Mr. Jackie Chan and organizers of the Event, and we reserve the right to take necessary legal action for the damages or loss caused by the false information.


J & JJ International Limited

(July 19, 2018)



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Official Announcement:

In recent light of a particular online platform which has been selling unauthorised tickets to the “4th Annual Jackie Chan Action Movie Week 2018” opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and other related events, the JC Group would like to remind fans all over the world and members of the audience: please use legal methods to purchase tickets to any of our events. Please do not buy tickets from scalpers or believe online fictitious offers such as “event workers will take you in” or “guaranteed photo” or “guaranteed autograph”. This year, event organisers for the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week are taking security measures very seriously and have zero tolerance towards anyone who attempts to disrupt the smooth operation of events.



Text and Photos © 2018 The JC Group
All Rights Reserved

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The English version of Jackie Chan’s memoir, ‘Never Grow Up”, will be released in November this year. The candid account includes everything from his youth with the China Drama Academy to his numerous near-death experiences on and off the camera. Jackie also writes about making movies in Hong Kong and Hollywood and of his imperfections as a family man.

(credit – Gallery Books)

Text and Photos ©2018 The JC Group
All Rights Reserved

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It has come to our attention of the many impersonating accounts on the mobile app, Weixin (WeChat), using Mr. Jackie Chan’s name (Cheng Long –  成龙 ) to register Weixin (WeChat) accounts. As the representative company of Mr. Jackie Chan, we would like to make the following official announcement on behalf of Jackie Chan:


Recently, our company staff have discovered many impersonating Weixin (WeChat) accounts registered using Mr. Jackie Chan’s Chinese and English names: “成龙”, “Jackie Chan”; and accounts using Mr. Jackie Chan’s image, biography information, profile pictures and nickname misleading the public to think it is Jackie Chan. On behalf of Mr. Jackie Chan, we would like to officially announce that Mr. Jackie Chan does not have a personal Weixin (WeChat) account and has not given permission to any third person/party to hold an account on his behalf. Any Wexin (WeChat) account registered using “Jackie Chan’, “成龙”, or any account information that may mislead people to think the account is in anyway related to Mr. Jackie Chan, including the use of Mr. Jackie Chan’s image, biography, profile picture and/or nickname, is a fraudulent account and is falsely impersonating Mr. Jackie Chan. Any information or content posted by the impersonators are in no way related to Mr. Jackie Chan himself.

The Wexin (WeChat) account users who have registered using Mr. Jackie Chan’s name and/or information impersonating Mr. Jackie Chan has unlawfully breached the use of his image and information. And the content posted by these impersonators are false and misleading, causing negative impact on Mr. Jackie Chan’s image to the public, violating Mr. Jackie Chan’s intellectual property rights. In order to defend Mr. Jackie Chan’s legal rights, we will act on behalf of Mr. Jackie Chan and request Wexin’s (WeChat) Customer Service Department to promptly address the issue and cancel the impersonating accounts. We reserve the right to take necessary legal action for the defamation, unlawful impersonation, and pursue compensation for any losses caused by the fake account.

J & JJ International Limited.


6 June, 2018


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Our company would like to make an official clarification regarding a fake Weixin (WeChat) account impersonating our artist, Mr. Jackie Chan.

As the sole management company representing Mr. Jackie Chan (the artist), we are fully in charge of registering all his online social media accounts. Recently, our staff has revealed a fake Weixin (WeChat) account claiming to Jackie Chan. The impersonator is using the Weixin ID (WeChat ID) of “clwx18198”, the nickname of “Jackie Chan龙哥”, Jackie Chan’s photo has the profile picture, copying Jackie Chan’s biography in the user profile, claiming to be from “成龙工作室” (Chen Long Gong Zuo Shi) in the personal status, and is using the account to post/reply to others as Jackie Chan. We would like to announce that this is a fraudulent account impersonating Mr. Jackie Chan, and all content posted by this account is not in any way related to Mr. Jackie Chan.

We hereby officially declare that the Weixin (WeChat) account registered under the Weixin ID (WeChat ID) of “clwx18198”, using the nickname of “Jackie Chan龙哥”, is a fraudulent account impersonating Jackie Chan, and all content posted by this account is not in any way related to or representative of Mr. Jackie Chan. The user is falsely using Jackie Chan’s name, unlawfully impersonating Jackie Chan, breaching the use of Jackie Chan’s image and photos, and posting unofficial and deceptive information related to Jackie Chan. The false statements, posts and replies from this account is misleading the public and causing negative feedback affecting Jackie Chan’s image. As the representing company for Jackie Chan, we have the right to request Weixin’s (WeChat) Customer Service Department to promptly address the issue and close or lock the impersonating account for the infringement. We reserve the right to take necessary legal action for the defamation, unlawful impersonation, and pursue compensation for any losses caused by the fake account.

J & JJ International Limited.
17 April, 2018




本公司作为成龙先生的独家经纪公司,全权代理成龙先生注册和使用互联网用户账号。近日,本公司工作人员发现,微信号为“clwx18198”的机构或个人冒用、关联成龙先生的英文名“Jackie Chan”注册微信账号名称,并使用成龙先生的形象和简介作为该账号的头像及个性签名。对此,本公司代表成龙先生郑重声明,账号名称为“Jackie Chan龙哥”、账号头像为成龙先生形象、个性签名为“成龙工作室”的微信账号系他人冒用成龙先生的名义注册,该微信账号及发布的内容与成龙先生没有任何关系。



J & JJ International Limited.



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Listen to Jackie’s new song: 物是人非 – Wu Shi Ren Fei, released today for everyone to enjoy!

This song is dedicated to Jackie’s friends, family, and brothers who have passed away.
The full album will be released in August, 2018.

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We’d like to say a big “thank you” to all the fans around the world who participated in Jackie’s Chinese New Year Giveaway! The “Lai Si” lucky red pocket gifts have been sent out to all the winners who responded to our emails. (If you’re a winner and still haven’t received our double reminder emails, please check your SPAM or Junk Mail box, just in case our emails accidentally arrived in your SPAM box).

We wish you all a happy, joyful and prosperous year of the Dog!

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Here are the answer to the Chinese New Year Giveaway!…..


What character did Jackie play the voice for in

Kung Fu Panda?



A.     Po 阿波

B.     Monkey 猴王

C.     Master Sifu 功夫大師

D.    Crane 靈鶴

E.     Mantis 快螳螂


Which movie was released in 1986:


A. Armor of God
B. Drunken Master 醉拳 C. Railroad Tigers 鐵道飛虎
D. Around the World in 80 Days 環遊世界八十天 E. Thunderbolt 劈靂火


A.  Armor of God 龍兄虎弟

B.  Drunken Master  醉拳

C.  Railroad Tigers  鐵道飛虎

D.  Around the World in 80 Days 環遊世界八十天

E. Thunderbolt  劈靂火



What year did the JC Stunt Team celebrate their 40th anniversary?


A.     1976

B.     1998

C.     2000

D.     2004

E.     2017


What movie is this scene from?



A.     The Foreigner 英倫對決

B.     Kung Fu Yoga 功夫瑜珈

C.     Skiptrace 絕地逃亡

D.     Bleeding Steel 機器之血

E.     Karate Kid 功夫小子


Jackie recently held an art exhibition called “Eye of the World, Jackie Chan Treasures”, featuring more than 40 artworks made of recycled items that were once part of Jackie’s movies.

Where in the world was this art exhibition held?

最近成龍大哥在那理舉辦了「環球之眼 成龍寶藏」再生藝術特展?


A.     Shanghai 上海

B.     Hong Kong 香港

C.     Los Angeles 洛杉磯

D.     Beijing 北京

E.     England 英國


Can you guess what movie this picture was taken from?



A.     Crime Story 重案組

B.     Project A  A計劃

C.     Police Story IV: First Strike 警察故事IV:簡單任務

D.    Rumble in the Bronx 紅番區

E.     Armor of God II: Operation Condor 飛鷹計劃


Jackie Chan is not only an actor, he’s also:



A.     Singer 歌星

B.     Producer 監製

C.     Stunt Choreographer 武术指导

D.     Director 導演

E.     all of the above 以上全都是


What honorary award did Jackie receive in 2016?


A.    Honorary Golden Horse Award 金馬榮耀大獎

B.    Honorary Golden Globe Award 金球榮耀大獎

C.     Honorary Taurus World Stunts Awards 世界電影特技榮耀大獎

D.    Guinness Book of World Records Award 吉尼斯世界記錄大全獎

E.     Honorary Oscar Academy Award 奧斯卡金像榮耀大獎


What is Jackie most afraid of?


A.    Horses  馬

B.     Injections 打針

C.     Dogs 狗

D.     Cucumbers 青瓜

E.     Flowers 花



Jackie likes to travel around with is friendly Pandas. What are the names of the two soft toy Pandas?


A.     JJ & Jones

B.      Bing Bing & Bingo

C.     Ding Ding & Dong Dong

D.     La & Zy

E.     TJ & Tony



And here are the lucky 200 who correctly answered the above quizz:

Bran Schaffer Canada 徐何㦤 China
Chris Barton UK Kat Hossen Australia
Clarance Hwang USA 曹阳 China
Ed Canada Sonia Carreras Spain
Jonathan Martin Australia Zuhfishan Ayesha India
Lisa Lai Canada 汪大可 China
Keven Gjikondaj Albania Subhasish Mohanty India
孫辰達 China Meilidia Simatupang Indonesia
Guadentia Claudia Eilin Y. Indonesia Priscilla Lee Widjaja Indonesia
Bruce Wong 王煒 China Ashley Wrench USA
Oscar Anaya USA Jennifer Jeng USA
Jasmine Vo USA Nikhilesh Sharma India
Brandon Jones USA Stephanie Do USA
Gary Templeman England, UK Ahmed Saleem China
Melvin Voon Canada Juan Pablo Perez Mexico
Sharaz Butt UK Emilie Karam Sweden
Yuvraj Parshuram Dhavne India 刘恩会 China
Siti Hajar Loh Malaysia Andrea Glitta Czech Republic
Matthew Garfield Australia Marta Tokuyama Czech Republic
Matthew Choi USA Usha Rani Muppana India
Angel Ivanov Bulgaria Sameera Tennakoon Sri Lanka
Frank Schunemann Germany 王素琴 China
子午 China Ansh Shivhare India
Anastasia Russia Matthias Schmittenberg Germany
Adam Ladanyi Hungary Victor Du Netherlands
Simon Tsang UK 付琳 China
Ajay Dunga Canada Micael Heber Brazil
Russel Garrison USA 井永 China
Hideharu Yamane Japan Chantell Labuschagne South Africa
Kara Ouk Canada 杨佳琦 China
Toby Giri New Zealand Brian Cao USA
Arda Yilmaz Istanbul/Turkey Benjamin Fossum Sweden
Hoven Ewe Malaysia Ela Iris Netherlands
Rory Beirne Ireland 张小童 China
Jordan Tsang Canada 李新宇 China
Anu Laumets Estonia Danny Larabee USA
Alireza Aminnejad Iran Duckie China
Stevica Madjar Greece 怪盗基德 China
Lyanne Hernandez USA 张亮 China
Joseph Anadio USA Violetta Dimitrova Bulgaria
Fajriansyah E. Pradana Indonesia 曾慧 China
Anton Matijevic Austra 阮莹珠 China
Michael Hossen Australia Shahid Mustapha UK
Elizabeth Lorraine Leebody UK 段春辉 Japan
Vanlalnunkima India Jennie Kilby Sweden
Lozov Danila Russia Susan Roodsari USA
Nina Korpelaninen Finland 李雨衡 China
Kenrick N. USA Nikola Slavkov Bulgaria
Amy Lee Canada 吴靖 China
Kaya Kaya Sweden Alexa Wilson USA
Gabriel Araujo Brazil 张明月 China
Rowan Brandt Netherlands 沙沙 China
Johan Prawiro Germany Javier Perez Guzman Spain
Charlotte Tan ??? 贡醇 China
王鑫瑶 China Arman Balguzhin Kazakhstan
Heregi Amalia Hungary Barbara Cavalcante da Silva Brazil
郑紫薇 China Fay Huang Norway
Muhammad Budiman Malaysia 杜宇泽 China
Kevin Lai Australia Martin Zingor Czech Republic
小之麻狐 China 赵旭洁 China
瑶瑶 China 郭振东 China
李佳仕超 China 徐志鸿 China
何杨 China 郭虹 China
Mithiul Loganathan USA Alison Cook Australia
张震 China 范健雄 China
Khoa Dang Nguyen Taiwan Frederic China
J Li T Myanmar Shikata Ikuyo Hong Kong
Dmitrii Ibragimov Russia 郭娟 China
Annet Ummels-Majolee Netherlands 李莉 China
Emilyn Fauni Aler Philippines 马静蕊 China
李鑫淼 China 薛德彬 China
Simon Ng UK Girish K India
于悅 China 赵振和 China
Dilan Seimon Australia Francisca Hernandez Sweden
康蒙 China 苏雷 China
Florian Krapp Germany Janis Vitols Latvia
孙应哲 China 柯阳 China
Faleesya Malaysia 孙笑 China
许超凡 China Aaron Wairon Australia
刘钢 China Tania Torraca Brazil
王香丽 China Evgenly Russia
Aden Wong Hong Kong Angela Khochueva Russia
唐云 China 李建 China
Yana Sidorova Russia Chang Min Fang Austria
魏辰 China 陈秋宪 China
Devona Helwig Canada 陈亚茹 China
Nicola Niessen Germany Jackie Wong Austria
史禹 China 刘星雨 China
Kia Lor USA 朱烨 China
Artem Tsoy Kazakhstan Cameron Clark UK
Bernadette Barcelon Philippines Thuy Tien Nguyen Germany
邓成名 China Dasha Ostroverdjenko Belarus
Debora Camila de Moraes Brazil Dika Maharani Indonesia
西欧 China Angela Hermenegildo Belgium
Eric Knox USA Higashino Junko Japan
郭慧 China 王多成 China
Joshua Dorantes USA 奚悅 China
冯小亮 China 刘运柱 China
Wiwin Lestari Indonesia 李三岁 China
吴希敏 China Jessica Zhang Austria


Congratulations to all the winners! An email will be sent to you shortly ~ please respond at your soonest possible convenience so we can send out your lucky “lai si” soon.


A big “thank you” to all the participants for taking part in this fun quiz! We hope you all enjoyed it.